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Ubuntu Blogs

I felt a need for a list of reader blogs with significant Ubuntu-related content. I asked the readers to let me know if they blog about Ubuntu, and this is the result. If you blog about Ubuntu and wish to be added to this list, please leave a comment. Where possible, I have tried to identify the primary language of the blogs.

This is by no means an exhaustive collection. In fact none of these blogs are those of developers. Those you can always find at the Ubuntu Planet. Some of the famous Linux magazines are not here – the objective behind this list was to create a list of less-known Ubuntu Blogs with real life Ubuntu experiences – to make it easier for me to find what they find interesting or disgusting in Ubuntu.

Update: There is a planet for all these blogs where you can submit your blog too.

The List

English Language Blogs

Spanish Language Blogs

French Language Blogs

German Language Blogs

Italian Language Blogs

Polish Language Blogs

Hungarian Language Blogs

Serbian Language Blogs

Chinese Language Blogs

Russian Language Blogs

Dutch Language Blogs

Bosnian Language Blogs

Sign Language Blogs

You can find more lists at the Ubuntu Forums: Here are two lists: List 1, and List 2


1. Ubuntu Blogs Round-up « Ubuntu Blog - December 23, 2006

[…] Ubuntu Blogs jump to navigation […]

2. Nathan - December 23, 2006

Apparently, my trackback did not go through properly, but I talk about Kubuntu frequently in my blog. http://eckenrodehouse.net

3. Paul Schulz - December 24, 2006

Semi-frequent Ubuntu Blogging can be found at http://mawsonlakesorg.blogspot.com/

I’ll label the the Ubuntu messages with ‘ubuntu’.

Of recent interest was the speech given in the South Australian Parliament.

4. Ubuntu Tutorials - December 24, 2006

If we are on Planet Ubuntu does that mean we don’t make the cut? 🙂 All I blog about is Ubuntu in case my blog has slipped through the cracks. Ubuntu Tutorials

5. ubuntonista - December 24, 2006


Yes, I did not add anyone who’s already on the Planet, since it would be redundant 🙂 Please don’t take it personally.

6. topyli - December 24, 2006

I failed to ping since you linked to my blog in your post itself. 🙂 Anyway, i quite a few posts are Ubuntu-related: http://blog.siltala.net (the new topyli standard)

Roxy - May 23, 2014

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biiygtg.

7. ubuntonista - December 24, 2006

Have added all the new links. Sorry about the oversight, Topyli!

8. hellfried - December 24, 2006

i am that ‘someone who writes about aids’. actually i was referring to my other blog hellfried.blogspot.com where i write about anything and everything including ubuntu. sorry for the confusion.

9. Joe - December 24, 2006

It seems that my trackback from http://www.joeblog.info didn’t work.
(Check the Ubuntu category.)

Moon - May 26, 2014

Hey, you’re the goto exeprt. Thanks for hanging out here.

10. Zerlinna - December 24, 2006

It would be nice if you could add my kubuntu blog to your list…
Since October 2005 I’m blogging about kubuntu on


11. isagani - December 24, 2006

Whoa! Thanks so much for the link man… I’m a newbie at both blogging and Ubuntu but after being linked here, the hits kept coming. Thanks again! 🙂

12. helektron - December 24, 2006
13. DraXus - December 24, 2006

Another blog in spanish: http://draxus.org/weblog/category/linux/

Great work! 😉

14. suribe - December 24, 2006
15. imu - December 25, 2006

Another blog in italian Debian/Ubuntu :
N.B. Merry Christmas 🙂

16. ep5il0n - December 25, 2006

this one is in Russian =)


17. Liferea - News Reader for Linux | Free Software Blog - December 25, 2006

[…] Today I was analyzing my RSS Feeds and saw that there are about 59 subscribers(thanks to Ubuntu Blog) and saw that there was a Reader called Liferea. I have heard of this before, but didnt give a try. So I thought – why don’t I install it and see how it works out. So I just went to Synaptic and did a quick search for Liferea and installed it. […]

18. Antonio Doldo - December 25, 2006

Italian at this moment.

19. Arun - December 25, 2006

Add mine (occasional Ubuntu blog)

20. Gouki - December 25, 2006

Without wanting to spam Carthik’s weblog, I would like to tell all of those who maybe be interested, that the Planet Ubuntu users is up and running.

Please, if you write about Ubuntu and would like to be aggregated there, visit the submit page and I’ll get back to you.

21. Gouki - December 25, 2006
22. hellfried - December 26, 2006

the name of my blog at hellfried.blogspot.com is actually ‘Days Of Our Life’. thanks for the link.

23. pawelek - December 26, 2006

My Polish (primary Ubuntu) Blog: http://pawelinux.wordpress.com

24. Scott - December 26, 2006
25. outime - December 26, 2006

Spanish blog: http://www.hacked.es OR http://rcda.wordpress.com (is the same).

26. Stemp - December 26, 2006

French language :

Great idea Carthik 😉

27. GameGod - December 28, 2006

As much as I try to cover other distros (read: I don’t try very hard), Linux Revolution is basically an Ubuntu blog:

28. kOoLiNuS - December 28, 2006

Well, sometimes I go “ubuntu” too …. http://koolinus.wordpress.com/tag/ubuntu/

ciao and thanks fot the initiative !!

Navid - May 23, 2014

Impsisreve brain power at work! Great answer!

29. Zerlinna - December 28, 2006

it’s very cool that you added my blog to the list, thank you! There’s just a little error: my blog’s language is english, not german, and my name is zerlinna (not zerlina).
That’s all 😉
Thank you,


30. ubuntufan - December 28, 2006

I’ll throw my hat in the ring I suppose ubuntufan.wordpress.com


31. Los Links de Tolito » Blog Archive » Links del 28 de Diciembre del 2006 - December 28, 2006

[…] Listado de blogs sobre Ubuntu […]

32. netjack - December 28, 2006

yet another italian ubuntu and linux blog.


thanks and happy holidays

33. roger - December 29, 2006

this website(http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/) is copying all articles from other websites,ubuntu wiki,ubuntu hacks book and ubuntu forums what is the point in copying articles from one place to this guys website and i surprised how he added his web site feed to planet ubuntu.

34. Wei - December 29, 2006

Hi there, I am new to wordpress. I created a blog here just to share my experience in Ubuntu/Kubuntu. Here it is “weichen.wordpress.com”. The main language is English, also I may sometime use Chinese for some specific Chinese stuff.

35. Maverick - December 30, 2006
36. Miguel Guhlin - December 31, 2006

Howdy! Another to the mix:
Around the Corner-MGuhlin.net

and in particular:

Take care,
Miguel Guhlin

37. Jon - December 31, 2006

I occasionally comment on (k)ubuntu-related things in my blog:


more specifically, the kubuntu category:


38. ubuntonista - January 2, 2007

Great! Added all the new ones upto this point.

Thanks, all.

39. rubensa - January 4, 2007

This is my blog’s Ubuntu category:


it is in Spanish.

40. flossgeek - January 5, 2007

My blog is aimed towards Ubuntu , GNOME and Open Source/free software. Id like to be added to the list ;-).




41. bapoumba - January 7, 2007

Hello Carthik,
are you still thinking about an extra-solar planet of Ubuntu blogs ? What would you think of naming it the Ubuntu galaxy ? An expanding one 😉

42. hezyamiel - January 7, 2007

Hello Carthik,

I’m a new reader of your bolg, and I think it’s the best Ubuntu blog I’ve seen so far. keep up the good work!

I’m also starting an Ubuntu blog, so everyone are invited to take a look:



43. Alyson - January 8, 2007


I, too, have an Ubuntu blog:


44. gouki - January 10, 2007

#41 – The Planet for Ubuntu users has already been created. Carthik has the link on the beginning of this list.

45. mount - January 11, 2007

I’m thinking of starting up a dutch ubuntu blog, although i’m a real noob with linux i want to write articles about the development, nifty tools and options this great piece of software offers! It would be great if you could find a place for me in this list..


46. tech.twomadgeeks.com » Blog Archive » Huge List of Ubuntu blogs - January 12, 2007

[…] Link: Ubuntu Blogs […]

47. Scott Wells - January 12, 2007

I blog a lot about Ubuntu Linux, in the context of church administration for a non-Linux-using readership.

48. Shoaib Akram (BABY) - January 18, 2007

Hi How are you
I am shoaib Akram Baby
From pakistan
I have no Money and i have No laptop Plzzz send me a laptop
OK Bye

49. prem - January 19, 2007

Here is one more ubuntu blog http://ubuntu-tutorials.blogspot.com

50. Ubuntu Blogs at sil’s babbling - January 22, 2007

[…] Back in December, Ubuntonista placed a call for Ubuntu Blogs. He’s compiled a list of bloggers who blog about Ubuntu here. […]

51. Emx - January 29, 2007

Add http://emir.linux.org.ba, it’s in Bosnian (my blog) and I’ve pingbacked your blog 😉

Andi - May 24, 2014

Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnnhcaet analyses, OK?

52. Arif Rahman - January 30, 2007

Hi I am Arif from Bangladesh. I am very poor. I learn Computer But I have no Computer. I have no ability to buy a Computer.Please send me a Computer.
Wish your good luck.


53. bartkorn - February 10, 2007

Hi. http://bartkorn.wordpress.com – polish blog from polish ubuntu user ;p

54. Cesarius - February 14, 2007

Mi blog in spanish


55. Vincent - February 21, 2007


To be honest, I’m trying to be you for Xubuntu 😉

56. ubuntonista - February 21, 2007

Alright, all blogs above have been added. Thanks a lot.

57. Miguel Ruiz - February 21, 2007

My blog ( spanish )


58. Ubuntu | Carthik Sharma: ESR Switches to Ubuntu! - February 21, 2007

[…] is a big day for Ubuntu. (via The World of a Penguin, where I first read the news. I knew the list of Ubuntu blogs could only lead to good.) Previous Post: Toby Smithe: Reply from the BBC regarding […]

59. David Rodrigues - February 22, 2007


our blog is in Portuguese and tries to put linux in a easy way to help people starting out in ubuntu.


60. Ubuntu Pimp - February 23, 2007


Check out the most Pimpin’ New blog for Ubuntu on the net. It contains Linux, Open Source, and other general computer information. It mouths off to the world. It also gives dating tips and health tips. Come check it out, and add it to the site.


Thanks, and remember that it’s not hard to pimp Ubuntu, as long as you know who to pimp to.

Ubuntu Pimp

61. Shankar Ganesh - February 25, 2007

Please add mine:

62. Do YOU blog about your distro ? « /home/kOoLiNuS - March 9, 2007

[…] after having reported it, he created a big list (ordered by language) of amatorial Ubuntu blogs: https://ubuntu.wordpress.com/ubuntu-blogs/ This kind of overwelming response by people is one time again THE measurement of how a well planned […]

63. Daylight Savings Time & Linux Boxes « Ubuntu Blog - March 10, 2007

[…] Ubuntu Blogs jump to navigation […]

64. Ubuntu | Carthik Sharma: Daylight Savings Time & Linux Boxes - March 10, 2007

[…] the whines. If he is, then he better be prepared to spend some time on it. I remember creating the List of Ubuntu Blogs – especially how freaking long it took. Previous Post: Pete Savage: It is […]

65. vududevil - March 13, 2007


here’s my blog in spanish


66. cy - March 31, 2007

Another one (german): http://www.cywhale.de/

67. ggarron - March 31, 2007

Hi, I write about Ubuntu, and use it at my primary Office PC Edgy Eft. http://linux.go2linux.org

68. ggarron - March 31, 2007

I also try to translate to spanish all what i write in my english blog, here is the link of it in spanish http://esp.go2linux.org

69. Tim - April 3, 2007

I started my own Ubuntu blog on ubuntudaily.com

It would be great to get a link here

All the best with your blog, its a great resource

70. Dirk Gently - April 4, 2007

I do PC related stuff, which does apply to Microsoft and Linux, most of the Linux content will be Ubuntu specific, feel free to add it.


71. Thierry - April 13, 2007

Yes Ubuntu and Thinkpad x60

72. raj - April 15, 2007
73. dimeotane - April 18, 2007

Don’t forget to add


74. Matt - April 21, 2007
75. distronews - April 21, 2007

another italian ubuntu and linux blog


76. Javier Aroche - April 22, 2007


My spanish blog also have a lot of posts about Ubuntu. If you could add it to your list, I’ll happy 🙂



77. I want your blog « Motho ke motho ka botho - May 1, 2007

[…] I’ve been through Carthik Sharma’s list, so thanks for mentioning it. And I’m skimming the planets I watch for links […]

78. splitsch - May 2, 2007

My blog isn’t hosted at http://www.pastanque.be/splitsch/category/ubuntu
My new blog address is:

(it’s in the french section of this page)


79. shewdiz - May 3, 2007
Suevonne - May 27, 2014

Your posting is abeoultsly on the point!

80. Ubuntu Tribe » Blog Archive » Blogroll - May 4, 2007

[…] Ubuntu Blog […]

81. Matt Vapor - May 6, 2007


I run a computer recycling non profit organisation in Australia. We use Ubuntu and I feature a Ubuntu Tip of the day at my blog 🙂


82. Web King - May 7, 2007

Hey that’s great to see your love for ubuntu. The most lovely thing about Ubuntu I liked – can be run through CD or floppy [if available]. That’s fantastic. Find more details in the http://blog.eukhost.com ATB

83. /home/zero » Ubuntu-Links - May 12, 2007

[…] dort gibt es auch eine Linkliste zu weiteren Blogs rund um Ubuntu und dessen Derivate: https://ubuntu.wordpress.com/ubuntu-blogs […]

84. vududevil - May 17, 2007

my blog isn’t http://vududevil.co.nr anymore
my new blog address is

Cade - May 24, 2014

That’s an ineiognus way of thinking about it.

85. meanmachine - May 21, 2007

I enjoyed reading your blog

here’s mine http://meanmachine.wordpress.com/

Ubuntu etc.

86. Dirk Gently - June 3, 2007

Ah, a blogger who helps the spammers I see. While the two comments have live links to pharmacy sites on them, it gives an extra little push to the stats of those sites with the search engine spiders…….which is EXACTLY what they want.

You’ve been suckered into letting two spam comments through, and now they know you’re vulnerable, there will be a lot more in their wake.

87. carthik - June 3, 2007

They snuck in today, Dirk Gently – I delete them on a twice-daily basis now.

88. Dirk Gently - June 4, 2007

Yeah, sorry….it only occurred to me after my comment wasn’t held for moderation how it happened. My apologies. I’m so used to everyone (including me) holding stuff for moderation to avoid spam, I forgot it could be set to go straight through.

89. ubuntucymraeg - June 9, 2007

A Blog in Cymraeg (Welsh) about Ubuntu

90. سعید - June 16, 2007
91. Matt - June 24, 2007

Ubuntu/Linux is the main focus of http://www.mbhoy.com and if you want to filter out the other posts there’s http://www.mbhoy.com/category/linux

92. Steven Richardson - June 27, 2007

Although these are not my blogs, you might want to add allaboutubuntu.wordpress.com, anotherubuntublog.wordpress.com, and sheehantu.wordpress.com. Great stuff in those!

93. flac - June 30, 2007

Please add my blog to your list:

Its totally dedicated to discussing various OPEN SOURCE softwares one can run on UBUNTU !!!


94. Guillermo - July 9, 2007

Another blog in Spanish:

95. ale3andro - July 13, 2007

I maintain a blog mostly about Ubuntu (Greek only).

96. Abhinay - July 23, 2007

yet another blog of an Indian on Ubuntu

97. Vincent - August 8, 2007

There’s another Xubuntu blog (not mine): xubuntu.wordpress.com

escort bayan - April 29, 2010

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98. Sythenast - August 12, 2007

In the italian section you forgot pollycoke!!


99. lubuntu - August 19, 2007

Can u add this blog to polish ubuntu blogs list?

100. Alaingonza - August 28, 2007

Another blog of Ubuntu in Spanish:


101. Top 25 Ubuntu Blogs (By the Numbers) | Free Geekery - August 28, 2007

[…] listed on this list of Ubuntu blogs on Carthik’s Ubuntu Blog; […]

102. bbto - August 30, 2007

One more. I have a spanish blog about ubuntu.

103. Kagou - August 30, 2007

here is myb blog

and this is a French blog 🙂


104. Taufan Lubis - August 30, 2007

I start to use Linux 2 months ago. Before I use XP professional. Although, I still have 2 OS in my Laptop (XP and Ubuntu) but the percentage of usage is 95% Ubuntu and 5% windows. Because, I still use it for my client that use Windows.

The most exciting thing when I learn Linux especially Ubuntu is when I made my old devices work which I can’t find in Windows. Because you have all the drivers that come from the factory.
And also when you helped people when they are in troubles and they can fix it because of you.

For sure, in Linux you will have more challenges, secure and you be yourself.

105. NeoDaVe - August 31, 2007

This is my blog, in spanish language, about Ubuntu.


106. SHAKAL - September 3, 2007

That here might still be missing http://ubuntu.blog.de, the german ubuntu blog.

107. manwy - September 4, 2007

My blog in spanish


108. Top 25 Blog Inglesi su Ubuntu Linux | Daniele Salamina’s Blog - September 5, 2007

[…] parte dei blog sono in lingua inglese. I blog nella lista , sono stati presi principalmente da questo blog e ricercando su google “ubuntu blog“. Il calcolo del punteggio è stato fatto mediante […]

109. stone - September 8, 2007

My blog contains many Ubuntu related posts. http://yoten.blogspot.com

110. lubuntu - September 9, 2007

can u add my blog to polish list?

111. Tommy - September 17, 2007

Hello, I’m Tommy and I’m a Microsoftaholic. I was actually a Microsoftie for 7 years and now that I’m on the outside, I’m trying to de-Microsoft my home PCs (I have one MacBook, on Dell Vista desktop, and my Dell XPS m1330 dual booting Vista and Ubuntu Gutsy Tribe 5).

I can say that I’m in love with the speed and stability and can’t wait for 7.10 to go gold. I’m going to be documenting my findings and any weirdness I run into over at http://switchbuntu.wordpress.com

Hope to see everyone over there.

112. While you’re waiting… « SwitchBuntu - September 17, 2007

[…] September 18th, 2007 · No Comments I found a nice list of Ubuntu blogs here: https://ubuntu.wordpress.com/ubuntu-blogs/ […]

113. Rama - September 18, 2007

Way cool list!! Wow!!!!! Nice work.
Here’s one I visit but is not on the list. It’s English language Ubuntu blog:

114. micfo.com - October 1, 2007

Thank you for providing us a comprehensive list of blogs.

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arjun - August 30, 2010

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116. RoovobiaIsoff - October 30, 2007

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117. VnTutor - November 11, 2007

My blog provides and supports for Ubuntu beginners with news, tutorials, tips, tricks, hacks, troubleshooting guides, and Linux applications.

118. Derrick - January 16, 2008

Hey this is a good idea. A friend of mine and I have a blog at http://www.ubuntuisms.com. It’s in English, and has a decent amount of content, mainly aimed at creating guides and other useful information.

119. Blogs » Ubuntu Blogs Ubuntu Blog - March 10, 2008

[…] Read more about this topic from the author here. […]

120. linuxrevo - May 10, 2008

hey mate! where is Persian language blogs?

121. funk - May 18, 2008


I just wanted to mention my blog:


It’s in English, mainly tutorials ‘n stuff

122. Discover the Best Ubuntu Resources on the Web « Yaser’s Blog - May 29, 2008

[…] is worth mentioning that Ubuntu Blog created a long list of blogs with Ubuntu-related content (and not only English ones). Free Geekery also created an interesting list of the top 25 Ubuntu […]

123. coolweb - May 29, 2008

yes, another blog about ubuntu/kubuntu in french

124. traaf - July 4, 2008

http://www.breizh-ardente.fr in another ubuntu blog in french
can you add it to your list ?

125. Hodge - July 13, 2008


I’ve been running 64 Bit Jungle for about 5 months now – http://www.64bitjungle.com – although going by the number of comments here, I may have missed the boat to be added to the list, lol! Anyway, on the off chance I haven’t, it’s a site predominantly for Ubuntu users, geared toward the x64 version, offering tutorials and tips on a wide variety of subjects, applications, and configurations.



Spud - May 25, 2014

I bow down humbly in the presence of such grstnaese.

126. Sanket Totewar - July 20, 2008

Hi, Sanket here…
I blog in English at:

I’m writing some really unconventional posts here… Would be grateful if you could add the site to your blogroll…
Thanks in advance…

127. moriator - July 30, 2008

Hi! This is my ubuntu blog, in Vietnamese. Nice to meet every Linuxer 🙂

128. Panayotis - August 19, 2008

Hi from Greece,
My Ubuntu Greek Blog here http://pliroforikis.blogspot.com

Nice to meet you.
Kalimera ! (means goodmorning in Greek 🙂 )

129. georgstmk - December 7, 2008

i meant. “german language” ubuntu blog^^

nice list btw!

130. Abhiroop Basu - January 1, 2009

please add my new English language ubuntu blog:



Thanks for the list, very useful!

131. Marcel - May 10, 2009

Here you can watch desktop videos of Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Xubuntu 9.04 and other Linux distributions: http://www.lidux.de/linux

132. Paul - May 29, 2009

Would you like to add my Ubuntu blog (see below)?

Hope so!
Thanks in advance.

133. Paul - May 29, 2009

An awful lot of the blogs listed on this site are dormant or dead. Can’t they be deleted?

Mine is new (2009) and not dead: ubuntu-non-geek.blogspot.com

134. Oddvar - July 29, 2009

Hi, I just want to say that Ubuntu is AWESOME!!
This machine I am using now, was until recently an useless iMac G3 that couldn’t be used for anything.
Thanks to the outstanding job the Ubuntu crew has made, I could download and burn a CD for this machine with PowerPC processor. It is, with a few exceptions, a complete Ubuntu machine now!
Thanks to the guys in Ubuntu who made this possible.

135. Cesar Troya S. - November 1, 2009

Thanks for the data!


136. Quan - December 28, 2009

I submit another here:
(English and maybe Vietnamese too)

137. şarap - December 29, 2009

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139. Gautham - February 7, 2010

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140. Bahubindu - March 17, 2010

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146. Lyle - May 1, 2010

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151. Sajib - September 17, 2010

Hi. How about adding my blog to the list? I often post about ubuntu as I love it. Thanks.

152. lol768 - October 9, 2010

This blog is a great, English resource about many OSs including Ubuntu. http://cogizio.org/category/operating-systems/ubuntu

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163. Sphinx Khan - January 31, 2011

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167. okey - March 18, 2011

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168. kumarasamy - March 20, 2011

please suggest tamil language blogs

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171. Itsnen - April 18, 2011

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175. Software development - June 2, 2011

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176. Oddvar - June 2, 2011

Other Ubuntu versions.
I have successfully installed Ubuntu 10.04 on an old BlueWhite iMac hd and ATI Rage R128 video.
Problem is only 256 colors and 8 depth from xorg.conf
Have tried many, many different xorg.conf but this is the only start without error.

177. ukrayna vizesi - July 30, 2011


178. Robin - July 30, 2011

Robin’s Rants and Raves has lots of ‘Buntu stuff, mostly Xubuntu. It’s almost entirely non-technical (but occasionally I throw in some techy stuff because it can be fun). Not exclusively a Linux blog, but lotsa Linux and ‘Buntu stuff – from a kid’s point of view!


179. Leon - August 7, 2011

add my site to the list please 🙂
ubuntu blog Hebrew

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