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What’s Your Ubuntu Story? August 3, 2006

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu, Ubuntu Sites.

Here’s your chance to be the harbinger of hope and freedom. The Ubuntu Fridge invites us all to submit stories of why and how we use Ubuntu. If you permit them, they might even use your story to popularize Ubuntu. So go for it!

The following is from Ubuntu – mystory. Go there and read up, in case there are updates.

If you are using Ubuntu in a business, school, government department, charitable organisation or research center we would like to hear from you.
Email us at mystory@ubuntu.com and tell us how you are using Ubuntu. We are particularly keen to know the following:

* How many computers you run on Ubuntu?
* Which applications you use?
* Why you chose Ubuntu?
* Whether you have shared Ubuntu with other organisations?
* What you like about Ubuntu?
* Which country and language(s) you use Ubuntu in?

Of course the more detail the better, but even if its just a paragraph that would be great. Photos are very welcome AND please state clearly if you are happy for us to share your story!

Over the next couple of months we would like to start sharing these stories and let others hear how Ubuntu works in your lives, schools and businesses.

So don’t wait, email us at mystory@ubuntu.com.

Ubuntu Counter Project July 24, 2006

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu, Ubuntu Sites.

Melissa ‘elkbuntu’ Draper writes in to tell us about her Ubuntu Counter Project. Just so you get a badge that says you are an Ubuntu User. Go ahead and get counted, if that is your kind of thing 🙂

The Ubuntu Counter Project is like a miniature version of The Linux Counter. It aims to catalogue the number of registered machines using the numerous varients of the Ubuntu Linux distribution.

Why? Because, quite simply, Ubuntu rocks.

Thank Melissa.