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Ubuntu Blogs Round-up December 23, 2006

Posted by Carthik in about, Other sites, planet ubuntu, ubuntu, Ubuntu Sites.
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The response to my request for Ubuntu Bloggers to put their hands up has been tremendous.

So much so that I felt obliged to round them all up and create a page listing all the little known Ubuntu Blogs 🙂

The listings are sorted by language. There’s even one video blog (vlog.gwallgofi.com/) where the author/presenter intends to communicate with hearing challenged folks using sign language. Very cool!

Of course, the request brought forth a couple of strange responses: a scientologist and someone who writes about AIDS. I haven’t included your blogs in the list for the simple reason that a search for Ubuntu on your blogs turned up zip. If you start writing, I will include you later.

Erythro points out that there is a list of blogs at the forums. Thanks – I have added links to the two forums threads at the page.

Daniel floated the idea of an extra-solar(?) planet of Ubuntu Blogs by Ubuntu Users:

I wonder what would be a good way to tap into that well of online knowledge about Ubuntu and present way in an useful and friendly way to the world? Maybe what we need is an userplanet.ubuntu.com or community.ubuntu.com to complement the more official planet.ubuntu.com that would aggregate these Non-Ubuntu-Member blogs.

I think it is a great idea, and even thought about setting it up on my own server. However, Gouki expressed interest in implementing it first, and since I don’t like stepping on toes, I will wait for a while for him to do it. Gouki, would you mind terribly if I did it myself? Or better still, would the higher-ups at Canonical/Ubuntu want to do this (semi-)officially?

Thank you for sending in links to your blogs – I have added them to my feedreader and look forward to reading about your experiences. Now you have a guaranteed audience of at least one interested soul 🙂

Coming up with the list was really time consuming – have been doing nothing else for the past three hours. I visited each blog, checked it out(when I could understand the language), and had a good time overall. It’s a good thing its the holidays. But unfortunately, because of this, I will have to cut back a little on working on this blog over the next couple of days. It is the holidays and I will be off on a little holiday myself, in a day or two.

Typos, Spellos and Uh Ohs December 14, 2006

Posted by Carthik in about, navel, planet ubuntu, ubuntu.

I have noticed that ever since these posts have been appearing at the Ubuntu planet, the number of typos, spellos and uh-ohs have been increasing. A spello is when one word gets mogrified into another, changing the meaning of the sentence – e.g., “The package will not be installed” when what was meant was, “The package will now be installed”.

I have a theory that being self-conscious and careful is actually increasing the number of mistakes I make and makes me too wordy, artificial and also makes my sentences longer and more incomprehensible.

And then, at the top right corner of my two-dimensional brain lives this irrational fear that I am angering many powerful demigods with my lame-ass posts. “Tips and tricks indeed,”… they might think, “we learn this stuff with our ABCs…” 🙂 I’m sorry if that’s indeed the case.