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Open Clip Art Library July 14, 2006

Posted by Carthik in packages, ubuntu.

In addition to the free Ubuntu font, the free ms TrueType fonts, and other goodies, here’s the ultimate package for everyone who uses OpenOffice, or has had to create a dashing poster/flyer/notice at short notice.

Install openclipart using:
$sudo apt-get install openclipart
Description: The Open Clip Art Library is a collection of 100% license-free, royalty-free, and restriction-free art that you can use for any purpose.

and you will have at your command thousands of clipart, in the svg and png format, ready for use in the various office applications and wherever else you want. See below for a small selection of the included art. For a more comprehensive look, go to openclipart.org. The collection includes most of the art on the website.

OpenClipArt clip art

Thank you very much, Sam