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Daylight Savings Time & Linux Boxes March 10, 2007

Posted by Carthik in calendar, Other sites, ubuntu.

Sort of late, but since its never too late, head over to Daniel’s blog for the lowdown on how to make sure your linux box knows that we humans have decided to change the length of days.

Daniel’s Blog is a must-read for me. He’s also one of the leading motors behind the fridge – he seems to sniff out Ubuntu-related news much better than anyone else.

When you are at his blog, make sure you whine a little about Ubuntu/Linux. I wonder if Daniel intends to produce a summary of all the whines. If he is, then he better be prepared to spend some time on it. I remember creating the List of Ubuntu Blogs – especially how freaking long it took. 🙂

Sync Evolution Calendar with Google Calendar December 18, 2006

Posted by Carthik in applications, calendar, evolution, google, guides, office.

Not so much a detailed guide as a couple of links to help me out in the future:

How to sync your google calendar with Evolution
The access is “read-only” which means you cannot add events in Evolution and have them show up in your google calendar, but your events in google calendar will be available in Evolution for you to read.

To circumvent the problem of the sync described above not being a “true” two-way sync, one can use scheduleworld as a go-between. This way, Evolution and Google Calendar both sync to scheduleworld, and everything is hunky-dory.

A guide to sync Google calendar using scheduleworld is available, but the guide (unfortunately) deals with MS Outlook primarily.

Many of the concepts from the guide can be usd with Evolution. The missing link is the SyncEvolution plugin for Evolution. There is a thread at Ubuntu Forums that explains how to get going with SyncEvolution. So put it all together, and you can sync your Evolution Calendar with your Google Calendar.

Maybe we should all try and add a few million more users to Ubuntu, and then perhaps Google and everyone else will make it easier for us folks to sync and inter-operate seamlessly with their services. Googlers use Ubuntu – I wonder why a few of them won’t spend their quota of free/creative weekly hours to make things easier for us folks 🙂