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Thank you, WordPress.com! September 29, 2005

Posted by Carthik in about.

This platform is amazing! It has been just 3 weeks since I started blogging here, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Let me just highlight a few of what I perceive as the advantages of a wordpress.com blog:

1. Google searches:

WordPress.com lets topical blogs like mine rule google search results. It is nothing short of magix. Within 3 weeks of starting this blog, most of the 1000+ daily visitors arrive here via google. In fact, I was amazed to find the blog listed in the first page of results for a search of “ubuntu”! It does not stop there. This blog is amazingly enough the first result for quite a few searches, which I should think are common, like:
1. ifolder share ubuntu
2. msttcorefonts ubuntu
3. how to install rpm in ubuntu
4. limewire client ubuntu
5. Editing pdf ubuntu….
and many many more… it is astounding!

2. Feedback:

I have been really verbose with my feedback to these guys, and have been surprised more than once to see the changes I suggest implemented!

3. Users First:

A couple of days ago, I sent some feedback saying that perhaps the devs should take their blogs off the top blogs list, since their posts appear in the dashboards of all the wordpress blogs in the world, and in the wordpress planet. So I thought it was, you know, sort of unfair competition 😉 You know what, they did take all their blogs off the “top blogs” list at WordPress.com!!!

As a result of these, I am gratified to see that this blog is now, as of this moment, the Number One blog at the “top blogs” list at wordpress.com! In 3 weeks – wow. Thank you, readers, google searchers and wordpress developers.

The changes I see everyday with the interface, and the setup are amazing too. Blogging is really intuitive and painless over here!

I just wanted to share something beautiful and good with you all. I am sorry for the interruption in the regular ubuntu broadcast – which will resume as always 🙂

Thank you, wordpress.com!

Uh? Ubuntu? September 6, 2005

Posted by Carthik in about, ubuntu.

Ubuntu is, in my humble opinion the easiest and best way to switch from Windows to a free/open-source operating system. In order to make your transition easier, and to help those that have started using ubuntu, this weblog will feature a series of articles with tips and tricks. What better way to bring you these treats that by using a powerful open-source blogging platform?

I look forward to trawling mailing list and forum posts, and the www to bring you little snippets of helpful information. Some of these tips may also be useful for users of other flavors of Linux, and users of the Gnome desktop.

See you around, then!