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Find Hardware Specs (Details) on your Computer February 18, 2007

Posted by Carthik in commands, snippets, ubuntu.

I stumbled upon the nifty “lshw” tool today. lshw lists your hardware. Try it now:
$sudo lshw

You can get specific details by using the -C flag:
$sudo lshw -C disk
will list all you hard disks.

It create an html page with your hardware details if you do a:
$sudo lshw -html > your-file-name.html

I generated one for my laptop and put it up for future reference
. Now I have an answer to the question, “what network adapter do you have, or what wireless driver are you using?”

I know, this is something probably all of you know already. I just found out about this little tool today. I expect this info might be useful for those of you just learning the ropes, like me.


1. Mikkel Høgh - February 18, 2007

Oh, if only I’d known about this about a month ago, where I spent hours trying to find out what MHz my current RAM were running at so I could get some that matched….

2. Michel Leunen - February 18, 2007

The possibility to create an html file is very handy. I didn’t know this utility. Thanks.

3. Stoffe - February 18, 2007

Thanks, good tip. Also, maybe a good debaday entry?

4. beanpicks - February 18, 2007

Thanks a lot for helping me know this wonderful tool. Have linked you in my site


5. Beanpicks - February 18, 2007

lshw – Hardware details on Ubuntu/Linux

This is a wonderful tool for Linux users. Know all your hardware details with this superb tool called  “lshw”
Try it now:
$sudo lshw
You can get specific details by using the -C flag:
$sudo lshw -C disk
will list all you hard disks.
To create an h…

6. Sohum - February 18, 2007

Well, this person didn’t know about it.
Thanks muchly!

7. towsonu2003 - February 18, 2007

I didn’t know about the html option. This was a great tip 🙂 Thanks a lot!!

8. christooss - February 18, 2007

Thanks man. This is great tip

9. Dave Morley - February 18, 2007

Dude you just published your ip config and mac address for the ip config to the world. Not such a strong security tip. But in fairness a great tip for a private html page. 😉

Mike Hingley - August 21, 2010

The IP Address is a private IP Address – the 192 Address range is reserved for private network use – therefore, and I’m no expert on this, this would only be a risk if you were already connected to his network.

10. mpt - February 18, 2007

I think that if there’s anything you can tell from lshw that you can’t tell from the Device Manager, that’s a bug worth reporting about the Device Manager.

11. Darko Beta - February 18, 2007

Awesome tip! Very useful–thanks.

12. shorty114 - February 18, 2007

Nice tip. Should make support easier.

13. tab - February 18, 2007

A+ and a Gold Star

14. ubuntonista - February 19, 2007

Wow, seems like I was not the only one who found it terribly handy 🙂

mpt, as opposed to lshw, I have trouble figuring out where to find out, say, the make and specs of my processor. The lshw page that I created for myself(that’s another thing the Device Manager lacks), seems to have information organized in a better, more readable way.

I filed two bugs:bug 1, bug 2.

15. Roy Schestowitz - February 19, 2007

Will you be interested in some nice point-and-click interface that fetches and presents all this information?

16. ubuntonista - February 19, 2007

Hi Roy,

If I understand correctly, mpt was saying that that’s what the device database is supposed to do. Improvements to that would be most welcome 🙂

17. Dave Morley - February 19, 2007

Roy sysinfo does it nice gui wrap around lshw but give both an abbreviated version and a full listing. Oh and it’s in the ubuntu repo’s 🙂

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19. Shankar Ganseh - February 19, 2007

you could even use the hwinfo command

20. Splitsch - February 19, 2007

Thanks for this tools 🙂
I like it, and I will promote it in french, on my blog

21. richo123 - February 19, 2007

You may also want to use lshw-gtk for a gui view

22. elbeto - February 19, 2007

It would be nice for Ubuntu tu enable this by default with a command in the menu.

23. Luke - February 19, 2007

Crap! How come I didn’t know about lshw! I can think of so many different times I needed something exactly like this. 😛

Thank you so much for posting this.

24. Dwight - February 19, 2007

sweet sweet and sweet!

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27. Mika - February 20, 2007

Thanks for that packages, even more interesting is that lshw-gtk packet, so you can browse through that information on X.

Please don’t mind, i mentioned your article on my debian blog….

28. Dave - February 21, 2007

Hi, Well i feel like a real dumbo but how do you use this $sudo lshw
where do you type it?
everyone here seems to know……… so im dumb..
However Where do we type it?


29. lshw, listado detallado del hardware de tu equipo « El Blog de rubensa - February 21, 2007

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30. Martyn - February 23, 2007

another example of why linux is awesome!

31. Inez Wells - March 9, 2007

This blog is really superb!!! Thank you for you work! Good Luck

32. gunz - March 15, 2007

Wow – Thanks! Didn’t know the html bit. Very very handy! It will form a major part of my command toolkit now! Thanks again!

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37. Another Gandalf - July 16, 2007

Thanks a bunch for this tool – really useful

38. davidsabate.net » lshw: check your hardware - August 29, 2007

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39. sakthienator - September 19, 2007

how to cpu, processor details,memory details(Hard Disk,RAM),processor speed in linux machine..

i need the exact command to do that.plz do the needful thing for that

40. rico - September 24, 2007

i want to know the sound card whether it is working or not

41. tag - October 13, 2007

thanks for the blog….its really nice & useful information

42. Dudley’s Weblog - October 13, 2007

[…] 02 2007 Über diesen Post hab ich von einem genialen Tool erfahren: […]

43. Paul - November 12, 2007

Wow what a fantastic too. I’ll definately be using this a bit!

44. Saul - November 14, 2007

Yep, Hewlett Packard definitely makes nice notebooks and I’ve owed several of them. I think though since I own my own business now I’d like to get a laptop with a little more “umph” so I’ve been looking at the different models that Sony makes. I’ve never actually owned a Sony but I’ve used a countless number of them and they’ve always given me a pleasurable experience.

I’m looking to go Pentium and a 3 Gig minimum with at least 2 Gigs of RAM. I plan on spending a lot of time on the road and I’ll need this power to run my business from the road and in other offices. Can anyone recommend a specific model?

45. Kim - December 4, 2007

Thank you…

It help when I needed info about my 8 year old MAC POWERBOOK G4 with UBUNTU 6.06 LTS.

// Kim

46. will smith - January 14, 2008

Hey all,

I tried to use this command in OpenSuse 10.3 and it wouldn’t work. come to find out lshw is a bit more than a command. Here is a weblink for the site for it.


In addition, I found three other commands that might come in handy for us Linux folks.
command – hwinfo – basically does the same thing as lshw (I think)
command – free – shows you how much memory you have in the system
command – dmidecode – not exactly sure what it does but it sure does look cool 😛


47. Kiim - March 30, 2008

Hey all,

I tried to use this command in OpenSuse 10.3 and it wouldn’t work. come to find out lshw is a bit more than a command. Here is a weblink for the site for it.


48. jdocih - July 13, 2008

here is the result of my List Hardware(?)
localuser@localhost:~$ sudo lshw ?
Hardware Lister (lshw) – B.02.12.01
usage: lshw [-format] [-options …]
lshw -version

-version print program version (B.02.12.01)

format can be
-html output hardware tree as HTML
-xml output hardware tree as XML
-short output hardware paths
-businfo output bus information

options can be
-class CLASS only show a certain class of hardware
-C CLASS same as ‘-class CLASS’
-disable TEST disable a test (like pci, isapnp, cpuid, etc. )
-enable TEST enable a test (like pci, isapnp, cpuid, etc. )
-quiet don’t display status
-sanitize sanitize output (remove sensitive information like serial numbers, etc.)

49. sonu gupta - July 31, 2008

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51. imrose - January 6, 2009

hi, i want to install 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter for ubuntu 8.04. could you please help me for this.


52. Danielrj - January 6, 2009

Thanks :).. very nice :D… just what i was looking for!

53. Willem - January 16, 2009

even easier: install package lshw-gtk!

54. spy - January 17, 2009

It does not give your screen model name.

55. Rodrigo Bastías - February 13, 2009

Excellent!! Just the command that I was looking for!!
Thanks a lot!

56. Neil P - February 21, 2009

You are a hero…thanks so much.

I have been trying to ID the hardware on a second hand box, to install Mac Leopard 10.5.5 but cant get a distro till I know the hardware. boot in to ubuntu….xubuntu and drag off the info

57. Steve - March 1, 2009

I have to add to the accolades, just what I needed to find out exactly what I had inherited when I picked up this old box.

What a shame it is not documented in the Ubuntu Install Procedures. It might make resolving hardware based installation procedures a little easier.

I find it odd that you can notify Launchpad about your configuration on installation but you cannot find out yourself.

58. VJ - March 4, 2009

Very helpful. Thank you!


[…] | UbuntuBlog Adsense Code Archivos, Linux, Tip Ubuntu, Ubuntu 2 Responses so […]

60. jim - May 31, 2009

Sadly, you have to be something called a super user to make this work. Is there anything out there for us newbies to use?

61. john - August 10, 2009

what a handy little utility! thanks for the write up 😀

62. Taemojitsu - August 29, 2009

Jim, preface the command with ‘sudo’ (search ubuntu websites for howto’s on sudo/gksudo)

Thank you Carthik for this command.

63. David G - December 9, 2009

THanks Thanks Thanks!

64. Lars Daniel Forseth - January 6, 2010

Great tip, just what I was looking for (especially the html option)! 🙂


65. dennis - January 10, 2010

Very nice – now I know what kind of Ram I need and can see other hardware specs – very usefull .
But I think it woul be even more nice to have this tool in webmin interface … Thanks

66. Robert - January 20, 2010

Thanks it’s very helpful !

67. kris - February 5, 2010

Thanks for the tip, it’s what I need right now.

68. moniquezamora - April 5, 2010

Thanks for the tip! 🙂

69. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - April 7, 2010

What a shame it is not documented in the Ubuntu Install Procedures. It might make resolving hardware based installation procedures a little easier.

70. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - April 22, 2010

I tried to use this command in OpenSuse 10.3 and it wouldn’t work. come to find out lshw is a bit more than a command. Here is a weblink for the site for it.

71. sikiş - April 22, 2010

Good to have bumped onto your blog and met you.

72. Alquiler de yates - April 26, 2010

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73. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - April 26, 2010

Dude you just published your ip config and mac address for the ip config to the world. Not such a strong security tip. But in fairness a great tip for a private html

Mike Hingley - August 21, 2010

192 = private IP address…. Don’t think that’s a security issue…

74. travesti - April 29, 2010

i love ubuntu

75. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - May 7, 2010

Try it now:
$sudo lshw
You can get specific details by using the -C flag:
$sudo lshw -C disk
will list all you hard disks.

76. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - May 13, 2010

ou can get specific details by using the -C flag:
$sudo lshw -C disk
will list all you hard disks.

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79. Alquiler de barcos en Ibiza - June 7, 2010

I have trouble figuring out where to find out, say, the make and specs of my processor. The lshw page that I created for myself(that’s another thing the Device Manager lacks), seems to have information organized in a better, more readable way.

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85. antalya ilaçlama - September 27, 2010

I tried to use this command in OpenSuse 10.3 and it wouldn’t work. come to find out lshw is a bit more than a command. Here is a weblink for the site for it.

86. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

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88. foobar - September 29, 2010

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92. steve - November 7, 2010

I was able to find out my options for upgrading RAM without having to open the box to see what was there!

93. Ron - December 7, 2010

Could you pretend your talking to an idiot, on second thought don’t pretend. Where do I input this code? Ubuntu user less than 12 hours.

94. Ian - December 16, 2010

hey thanks for that, it really helped, i wish i knew earlier

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96. Stephen - December 30, 2010

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97. Diego Aristizabal - January 4, 2011

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98. Sophie - February 9, 2011

hi, this is an amazing tool, BUT, I’ve just tried in order to know the specifications of the webcam in my laptop, and actually the lshw lists everything apart from the webcam.. 😦 what can I do to access to this info??

99. Rxd - February 10, 2011

Thanks a lot man!

it help alot!!!

100. Icemouce - February 18, 2011

What do you type it on?

101. hardware list in ubuntu - April 21, 2011

[…] a look at https://embraceubuntu.com/2007/02/18/…your-computer/ lspci is nearly correct. Try lshw […]

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105. Rophe Ortega - August 5, 2011

Compliments to Carthik on the lshw tool. This is the right spirit. I was sure that their was a webcam in the laptop and I know now that there is not. I should be able to make the wifi work in XP now that I know what it is and the driver to look for. I am in ubuntu 11 in my first partition with XP on the second.

Today i made 200 pictures rotate at once when the best I could do in XP is on at a time. I love my UBI. I can hit my router 35 feet away in the heat from the comfort of my ac from ubi and soon from my xp partition.

Thanks Carthik

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big thx for this post, sure makes life easier when you have few hundred PCs to deal with

109. petter - October 4, 2011

Where does the html file/page go? I don’t see anything after I execute this command. Otherwise thank you for this useful tool!

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zmiany hormonalne jak stać bardziej dojrzały
może to zapewnić twój złoty od wielu lat utrzymania złoty.

bikini barista Najbardziej większość ludzi brak jeden szczególny
witaminy suplement lub inne, ale witaminy że wiele osoby prywatne, szczególnie
te, które starzenie Don ‘t dostać odpowiedniej ilości jest Wartości odżywcze D.
witaminy D pomoc Twoja wnętrza zdrowie poza swoje ładnie –
po prostu bycie, tak grupa wiekowa pięknie, zacząć od coraz niewiele światło słońca Promienie słońca codziennie ,
najlepszy pomysł źródło witamina D. Ponadto, jest to
zadowalające do suplement diety z spożywcze bogate Suplement
D jak również witaminy.

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134. 모든 하드웨어를 보여주는 프로그램이 있습니까? : 그래픽 - How IT - August 24, 2022

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