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Find Hardware Specs (Details) on your Computer February 18, 2007

Posted by Carthik in commands, snippets, ubuntu.

I stumbled upon the nifty “lshw” tool today. lshw lists your hardware. Try it now:
$sudo lshw

You can get specific details by using the -C flag:
$sudo lshw -C disk
will list all you hard disks.

It create an html page with your hardware details if you do a:
$sudo lshw -html > your-file-name.html

I generated one for my laptop and put it up for future reference
. Now I have an answer to the question, “what network adapter do you have, or what wireless driver are you using?”

I know, this is something probably all of you know already. I just found out about this little tool today. I expect this info might be useful for those of you just learning the ropes, like me.