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Use reportbug to report bugs better January 26, 2007

Posted by Carthik in bugsquashing, guides, ubuntu.

This little gem is from the Debian Administration blog. The article deals with how to report a bug in Debian without a working MTA. However, with a little modification it can be useful for Ubuntu Users and bug triagers too.

reportbug is a nifty command that creates a template for reporting a package bug, which it then fills out with your comment and emails to the bugtrackers. It automatically adds info about your system and about the package that has the bug to your report.

Only, in Ubuntu, reportbug sends the email to the ubuntu-users mailing list. This is a known bug and has been around for a long time. The emails with the bug reports are bounced from the mailing list and then they end up in my inbox, where I sort through them, and then report the bug manually on behalf of the original reporter if the bug deserves attention, is not a duplicate etc. Needless to say, this is a minor pain 🙂

So, if we were to follow the trick at the debian administration blog, we could all use reportbug’s useful, templated output regarding the package that has a bug and report the bug manually at Malone, our beloved bug tracker.

The next time you have a bug, find out the name of the package that has the bug (say “package-name”), and do the following:
1) Use the command reportbug --template -S normal package-name
2) Fill in an appropriate comment regarding what the bug itself is
3) File the bug after checking to see if it has already been reported.

The “–template” in the command will produce the template for the package, and the “-S normal” will set the severity of the bug to Normal.

Of course, you can report the bug via email too, but it currently requires that you have a gpg key on record at launchpad, so it might not work. Reporting via a web browser will work, a 100% of the time!


1. Sionide - January 28, 2007

The problem I have with bug reporting is all the bugs I experience are they’re never reproducible so there’s no point in reporting them.. Either I don’t know what has crashed or I have no clue why, which is no help to the developers. 😦 I’ve only successfully reported one bug and had it fixed, which is still better than none!

2. Carthik Sharma: Use reportbug to report bugs better - Spellbook - IT mage’s best friend - January 29, 2007

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3. David's dingen - February 15, 2007

Bugs in Ubuntu

Ik snap waar hij het over heeft, maar ik dacht dat er al zoiets was in de wereld van Ubuntu. tenminste, die bugs die ik via bugbuddy heb gerapporteerd kwamen goed terecht….
Maar goed. Misschien volgende ik het verhaal niet helemaal.

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I’ve only successfully reported one bug and had it fixed, which is still better than none!

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