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Ubuntu Just Sucks Less January 9, 2007

Posted by Carthik in commentary, ubuntu.

With the cursory hat tip to Marketing Pilgrim who does a sentiment analysis for firefox Vs. Internet Explorer, lets get started on Ubuntu and Windows. Sorry folks, I just could resist plugging in the words and let them duke it out.

Most interestingly, according to opinmind, 87% of all bloggers who have blogged about Ubuntu like it, as opposed to 67% for Windows. Opinmind seems to be a real neat tool – wonder how many people use it, and in what innovative ways.

Ok, now for the next step, technorati has 1116 results for “Windows Sucks” and only 62 for “Ubuntu Sucks”.

Almost no one thinks Ubuntu sucks, as opposed to a higher of people who think the contrary about Windows, (in the year 2006) according to Google Trends.

Enough with the negative stuff already. One might say that Windows has been around longer, is a market leader, and therefore has more critics than Ubuntu has. Sorry, I couldn’t overlook this myself – so I had to ask Google: What rocks more? Windows or Ubuntu?

3,340 votes for “Windows Rocks” as opposed to(hold your breath) … 21,200 votes for “Ubuntu Rocks”. The 1.5 million odd results for switch to Ubuntu provide a stong hope that this number will keep rising.

Amazing, eh? Now maybe you can pardon me for stealing someone’s idea and creating an article much like the original.


1. N - January 9, 2007

Another point for you to factor in. An average windows user (the majority of them) don’t really praise or diss software. As long as they can chat with their relatives and do some browsing, they’re happy.

In contrast, technical minded users (the majority of Linux user) sharply criticise (sucks/rocks) their software. So, I’m guessing that most of the hits you got on your searches are from these kinds of users. That sort of skews your sample population a little.

2. Johan van der Lingen - January 9, 2007

Sorry if I am interrupting your party, but this just isn’t right:

Ok, now for the next step, technorati has 1116 results for “Windows Sucks” and only 62 for “Ubuntu Sucks”.

Shouldn’t you divide that by the number of windows/ubuntu users covered by technorati? (yes, you should!)
If these figures are a reflection of the absolute number of windows/ubuntu users then ubuntu users complain about 50-75% more than windows users… (using market-share ubuntu=3.0% and windows=90% we get 67%)

3. NiKo - January 9, 2007
4. Arun - January 9, 2007

I agree that the votes, search etc are from technical people. Half of the Windows users are mom and pops who don’t go and vote or search for Ubuntu vs Windows, so the statistics are more towards tech people than general population. Ofcourse sensible tech people won’t vote for Windows.

5. Everett - January 9, 2007

Your ‘switch to Ubuntu’ link is missing quotes. It’s not quite 1.5 million without ’em…

6. Esben - January 9, 2007

Inspired by your post, I propose a new way of measuring popularity. The sucks/rocks google-ratio. The math is simple
Take the number of pages found by google “X rocks” (remeber quotes), divided by the number found on “X sucks”, the higher score the better.

A few random searches in google yields an interesting trend.
X R/S-google ratio
Windows 0,03
IE 7 0,3
Fedora 0,4
IE7 0,9
firefox 2,3
Suse 5,1
Ubuntu 6,1

Is it possible to code an interface to those searches and the math? it could be interesting to do this on a wider scale, but its a bit tirering to do it by hand. There should also be reported some uncertainty based on the number of hits, the IE7 and IE 7 searches have the lowest.

7. Esben - January 9, 2007

Taking this to the exteme:
X has a R/S-google ratio of 1,3, while A has soaring 5,1, so Firefox is more popular than X and Suse is on par with the letter A!-) Finally a way to compare Apples (0.8) with Oranges (1.0).

8. Bhrgunatha - January 10, 2007

OK I understand you’re advocating ubuntu but windows is a class of operating systems not a single OS, so shouldn’t your search be windows vs. linux?
Opinmind then gives 76%
Technorati: 1065 vs 305

@Esben: googlefight.com is almost there

9. Ian’s Blog » The Rock/Suck Ratio - January 10, 2007

[…] I’m inspired by the goodness of this idea. […]

10. Scott Kuperus - January 11, 2007

I believe that there is another element to consider: There is a growing perception that MS is evil and out to screw everybody. I think there is a lot of sceptisism of a big company that does well and makes money. You can see this starting to happen to Google to a lesser degree.

This general hostility towards MS is probably reflected to some degree in the figures whereas the votes (both for and against) made in relation to Ubuntu is purely technical based.

Just my tuppence worth.

11. Lloyd Budd - January 11, 2007

I don’t find this type of measurement very interesting because as N suggests most people just want to get their work done and don’t find Ubuntu an environment where where are as productive or have as much fun.

12. cantormath - January 12, 2007

You need to experience the power before you can praise anything

13. Brent - January 18, 2007

Instead of those numbers, why not just look at the number of actual users? I’m pretty sure that these numbers are more accurate than what Google or Technorati says. Just a hunch.

A lot of people obviously like Ubuntu, but to suggest that more people like Ubuntu than do Windows is flat out incorrect. Perhaps this is not what this is saying, but it sure sounds like it to me.

14. Jay Mac - February 5, 2007

Let’s just get one thing stright. Clever people choose linux.

15. slackware - February 17, 2007


16. slackware - February 17, 2007

slackwareslackwareslackware u with me nowSlackers?

17. Ahmad Hafiz - March 17, 2007

All I can say is I love Linux(Ubuntu) but I still use windows for games!I want to use wine on my ubuntu to play windows games in it but my ati radeon 9600 pro have problems with wine 3d acceleration.So I guess windows still dominate the software market,huh?About 90% people use windows.:Sigh:

18. The Scorpion - April 13, 2007

Linux: Ubuntu, Dream, and Vector suck.

Ubuntu denies you every which way possible when it comes to configuring anything to work. Their po-dunk M$ sh*t for brains. Keep it simple does not mean simply impede or get in the way of what is the defacto for anything competent: accessibility, usability, extensibility.

Dream Linux has a similar set of problems derived from a seemingly unnoticable influence in what has become UBUNTU-esq. It appears that many due to popularity reasons are now trying to emulate Ubuntu and drawing on the same pool of ill-fated short sightedness.

Vector linux is too much a hodge-podge with which it is quite noticeably losing its direction. This will not only dissolve the identity of the product but will ultimately destroy the project as a whole. Look forward to seeing a Vector revamp again in the future.

Windows and Microslop can quite simply go F^k themselves until they hear the mission bells. They can all take their rat faced pals with them as well. Billiam Gates can go to hellll with his self-pity and his inflatable order-bride.PERIOD.

Everybody is so caught up in the OSI drama because they think that it makes them cool. Sorry, OSI can go FKcu itself too. On one side there are the greedy, and on the other side a dishearted gaggle of idiots crying ME, ME, ME. They don’t even realize that if everything goes free they are going to starve with everyone else. They are whores and lazy at that.

You aren’t paying for anything don’t be bitchen bout nothin’

It almost seems as though the real groups that honestly care about creating a decent linux distrobutions like the purist: Debians and
BSD-ers oddly prophecied that this crap would occur. It just kind of weirds me out.

In closing I would just like to say that over the last two weeks I have wasted well into EIGHTY hours on Linux crapola, namely UBUnTU, Dream Linux, and Vector Linux. There was an additional period of around forty-plus hours where I worked to resolve an issue of a boot loader virus attack on my WinXP.

The NT framework has been in action for roughly seven years and M$ still can’t defend itself from a simple boot-loader virus? Sounds like kick backs from security software manufACTERERS might be the sway in the hay there. Money causes blindness. When’s do you think the last time Billiam Gates had a debilitating boot loader virus attack?

Now there’s something to think about and of which could only be pondered. You will only hear Bill’s neither for nor against speech on a platform of canned answers and brown paper bs in a bag.

Take it easy and remember the cliche’: ‘if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.’

Say hi to MicroSuSE Windows XPAG Smokescreen Edition for me would ya’

19. 101101 - May 19, 2007

Ubuntu is too darn unstable for my taste. I much prefer Debian (stable), as it is rock solid. I realize Ubuntu derives from the Debian sid branch (unstable), but theres a reason it’s entitled “unstable.” I had Ubuntu on 3 different machines at one point, and it would freeze very frequently on all of them (unless I didn’t do anything on it.)

If you want to really enjoy the robustness of Linux, try Debian instead of Ubuntu.

20. Seneschal - June 20, 2007

Ubuntu sucks!
I prefer Windows Vista any day.

21. Lurker - June 27, 2007

I going to shave my head and become a monk, whom stays away from computers, and mumbles about the better things in life.

22. [GO]SkidMaRk - July 16, 2007

I made the change over to Ubuntu from Windows. I was happy until I had to install drivers for everything. I mean WinXP default drivers blow, don’t get me wrong. But at least I can go above 1024X768.The desktop effects were neat. Finding stuff and installing programs is NO easy task. I’m so use to having the OS do all the work for me, I got lazy. Now I have to type some code up to get my sound card to work? No thanks. Creative don’t even make drivers with linux support.Weak. Also I love that the fact you have to emulate every game and program known to man besides the text games that come with it.It just takes so much time and work to get anything to work even close to what it did in windows.

I’ll give them credit for the GUI and Beryl, those are awesome.
But if you have no life, and have three or four days just to get drivers and simple crap like winamp to work, then this OS is for you.

Few tips: Don’t get married if you use Linux. Linux will steal all your free time, and then your wife will divorce you.Don’t format the wrong drive.Always remember what 1600X1200 was like, because its 1024X768 from here on out.

23. William Gates - July 18, 2007

@22: You need to edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file. It’s easier if you have a LCD monitor with DCC. If you install proprietary nVidia/ATI driver then you open up your own can of worms. Refer to your distro’s wiki on how to deal with that (assuming you picked a more popular distro). You too nub to use this Linux stuff so it may be too complicated for you.

As a note: my 24″ LCD monitor with ATI X1950 XT is running great at 1920×1200 resolution in Linux. Only took 5 minutes of configuring. However, Windows makes this task much easier than Linux.

24. Cletus - July 19, 2007

Ubuntu sucks. There’s nothing standard about it. I’ve been studying for LPI certification and there is little or no correspondence between the study materials and Ubuntu. I’ll take Fedora anyday.

25. meep - July 21, 2007

“Finding stuff and installing programs is NO easy task.”
“I’m so use to having the OS do all the work for me, I got lazy.”
What the fuck? sudo apt-get install is difficult?
Oh, right, of course, double-clicking on that fancy ie icon on your desktop, waiting for all those useful toolbars that kinda installed themselves to load, trying to find useful software with your non-existant searching skills, downloading some crippleware app and getting upset about it being virus-infested and fucking up your oh-so-precious vista/xp/whatever the fuck you use is way easier than typing four words.

“[GO]SkidMaRk”: You’re a dumbass.

26. Windows_Easy_Ubuntu_Medium Hard - July 22, 2007

I am on ubuntu now, a bit difficult here is what i have to say ( I am a newbie at this) ubuntu crashed on me in a bad sense once, when I overloaded the rythm box with over 1000 + mp3s the first time I tried to open all of them at once, had to force shutdown and restart by button, however everything was saved 🙂 and came back fine…unlike xp which would lose random settings…

Anyway Once you pretty much get it set-up it works great… On the ubuntu forums a person named Bartender made a post (found it off a google search) oh how to get dial-up working, followed the advice – downloaded off of an ol’ pc with XP (just installed so I could get linux to work and it was a dell cd) and moved the required items to my usb drive – saved html page and was up and running quick and of course I had to think and go to setup in knome ppp and press detect.. 🙂 again as of this post this is my first day on ubuntu linux…. 😛 and the wobble effect i setup does not bring down the computer like it did with xp , u know make it sooooo slooooow… 🙂 so here’s what it’s suppose to be:

Windows – Easy to install, Great Driver Support can get it up and running quickly, easy install and uninstall of applications, easy to configure..

Linux – Easy to install depending on Distro (esp. the newer ones). Easy to get running with an internet connection if one has a cable connection to the net, DSL a bit tough, Dialup is also a bit tough if you do not have the right sources… A bit tough to get everything installed just right, have to search the internet on another computer to find the right articles or ask a question on a support forum to get everything setup just right on your system… 🙂 I hope you all get what I mean by that stuff..

27. Windows_Easy_Ubuntu_Medium Hard - July 22, 2007

oh what I mean by the wobble effect was a comparison between transparency and that kind of stuff would slow the OS down, etc.. 🙂 XP didn’t have a wobble effect on windows not at least on my config like the new feisty town ubuntu has for experimentation..

28. Windows_Easy_Ubuntu_Medium Hard - July 22, 2007

i meant (stayed up all night so my sentences are not that good :P) that Ubuntu has an effect setting that you can set and it says that it’s basically there for to test out and it is not fully supported yet…

29. Windows_Easy_Ubuntu_Medium Hard - July 22, 2007

oh forgot again..i really should get some sleep.. 😛

Windows – Easy but Stable…
Linux – A bit medium to hard (medium to tough) to get setup but is more Stable than windows in the long run…

30. paul - August 20, 2007

@25 – meep: Your the dumbass, you consider yourself so fucking elitist because you’ve had the time to figure out how linux works. Some of us have fulltime jobs. Mine is as a web developer and a helicopter pilot.
a./ I’m most definitely of average intelligence and;

b./ I don’t have a lot of spare time to figure stuff out.

If Ubuntu is the easiest distro to get into, then I’m sorry but you’ll never have a decent market share of OS’s, period.

Your bitching about something that is inherently simple to do. Clicking on an object to make something happen is genius, unless you NEED to know what’s going on behind the scenes, 90% of us ddon’t and just want things to work. PLUS, I have never had a virus in 20 years of running microsoft and apple software on my Apple Mac workstation nor have I on my Win 3/95/98/XP and currently Vista desktop PC and that is just down to smart downloading. SO the argument about viruses is annulled as is the one about being lazy – some of us need it that way.

Other than that I have just dual booted with Ubuntu Dapper Drake and am updating to the latest as we speak. I find it fairly time consuming to have to search for absolutely everything I want to get done and I guess opening a manual would help, but the community at ubuntuforums are great and a fair few friends and I are easing our way into the world of Linux because it is open source and open source is just plain cool. The fact is, if this get’s a little more windows or apple mac efficiency and usability increases out of the box, Ubuntu could become a winner as it seems so much faster than my Vista install. It also seems a lot more configurable and although I enjoy a good debate, I’d be happy if the Linux Veterans would just lay off us new entries a little as they once started where we are, albeit I’m sure it was more difficult to get in to, blah, blah, boring. If you aren’t part of a solution, your part of a problem so piss off.

31. freakcode - September 3, 2007

Oh my god… I get so tired of people mumbling about “Ubuntu is so hard, has no games, no drivers, blablabla”.

They simply dont get that A NEW VERSION COMES OUT EVERY SIX MONTHS, WITH A LOT OF IMPROVEMENTS. People get so used to OSes that comes every 3, 4 years, and costs a damn bucket, that they don’t *get* what Ubuntu is like.

I use Linux since 2003, but the last improvements of Ubuntu are amazing, I never such progress on that period of time. Next Ubuntu (7.10) will fix the problems with video configuration (X) with automatic configurations. One less issue.

Some point in time it will become so damn cool than anything the market can put up on only 6 months.

32. You're an idiot. - September 6, 2007

This is the scientific method at it’s most idiotic. All you’ve proved is that the people who enjoy Windows products might have better things to do than write blogs about how much they think Windows rocks. Just because you opensource whores are the only ones being so ridiculously vocal about your opinions, doesn’t mean that the whole world agrees with you.

33. John - September 9, 2007

I really don’t see why people get pissed off when somebody makes something easier to do in the world of computing. If you enjoy wasting your time digging through config files and doing direct manipulation in a completely non-intuitive environment then go ahead and use the many other Linux distros out there that give you exactly what you want. Hell, why not quit whining about the distros and just compile your own kernel, build your own damn OS. I don’t care. What you do with your time is of no concern to me. All I ask is that you not be an idiot and whine about Linux distros whose goal is to make Linux easier to use and build an intuitive environment. There is an obvious market whose sole concern is ease of use. Not everyone can dedicate their skills to computing. Other people have other jobs to do and other interests to pursue.

34. CaptainZM - October 9, 2007

Honestly, our school tech class uses Ubuntu for 1 reason. Its free. And even that is being over shadowed y how much of a Pain in the Ass the Damn OS is. Honestly, I’d rather deal with “Imaginary Virus’s in Every Download” on windows then the idiocy that Ubuntu spits out.

35. yea - October 18, 2007

Ubuntu is really a pain in the ass.

It’s not even worth arguing about.

36. [GO]SkidMaRk - October 20, 2007

meep the prick – July 21, 2007
Q: What the fuck? sudo apt-get install is difficult?

A: Yes, it is.Because I love typing in eight lines of text when I want to install a program, or change my resolution and/or bit depth.

S:“[GO]SkidMaRk”: You’re a dumbass.

R: Meep the pedophile. You can open up a big can of “Shut the fuck up”, and shove linux up your ass along with your text games.

37. Chris - October 23, 2007

apt-get? I find it very easy to use, but if using the keyboard is lame to some people, the you can use the handy Add/Remove programs option. I laugh when people mock linux, yet they’d rather use something like Vista that is about 10 times less efficient (especially in the memory usage area). I can do things so much faster via terminal then having to click through all of the pointless GUIs that Windows has. Just remember that when you have to fix Windows PCs.

38. Dave - October 30, 2007

Gutsy broke pretty much everything I really enjoy, like Conky, Automatix, gnome-main-menu, etc. To be fair, most everything else just works…..well, except the eye-candy compiz, beryl crap….that shit will never work….I know that.

Gutsy is a downgrade, pure and simple. This is Canonical’s ‘Vista’ on a smaller scale.

I hope they learn something.

39. Jim - November 3, 2007

What an idiotic conclusion . This is so laughable, please don’t quit your day job to go into market research or statistics, or anything close to the business world for that matter. Based on these assumptions one would assume Ubuntu to be a fast growing market leader…except they are still behind even Apple LOL. Hmm could it be that Ubuntu is primarily used by 17 year old fanboys that go around ranting about how great Ubuntu is so they can pass themselves of as big time computer geeks. Maybe it is just that Windows, OSX, FreeBSD, Suse, etc.. users have better things to do than go around the internet evangelizing their crappy OS.

40. me me me - November 6, 2007

I found this website because Ubuntu crashed on me and I searched for “ubuntu sucks.” It truly is a pain in the dick. I have never had a problem with Fedora however. Also, on my PC I want to play video games and shit. I don’t think I will be playing CS on Linux anytime soon. Vista can do all the bullshit that Ubuntu advertises on its site and then some. In an nutshell Ubuntu users are fucking smug fags with can be compared to the South Park Episode with the Hybrid cars.

P.S. The reason why windows users have virus problems is usually do to piracy and P2P client bullshit. Perhaps if those faggots got rid of Limewire and stopped pulling music from a bunch of random computers they wouldn’t have a problem. Think about it, would you go around sticking your dick in a bunch of assholes and vaginas with a blindfold on…? Maybe you would.

41. MartyrMachine - November 15, 2007

Everything sucks. And the reason for that is when you have an avid Winblows user like me, it’s extremely difficult to adapt. How many people have been using windows for years? Versus the amount of average users for linux; Not many. Everyone can bitch and moan about how hard linux is to set up. And it is. But compared to the horrible things about windows, well…it can’t be that bad. I do agree that linux programmers have a sense of leetism that is unparalleled in the world of developers that are being slowly reduced to an orgy pit of buttfuck deluxes, but that can change at any time. For example, Plug n Play. Why can’t linux make an equivalent? If the developers are so smart, then why won’t they just do it? It’s because they believe they cannot be in ANY way similar to Winblows…even if it’s a landmark in the world of ease and use. I think this is horseshit, and the arrogant assholes for programmers need to emancipate themselves from that mentality. That being said, if we were all to spend the same amount of time in linux as we have windows, I think we’d find that linux is far superior in many aspects. Windows has it’s own set of problems. Security? My dick just laughed. Proprietary filesystems rule, because MS doesn’t want interoperability. If Bill GAYtes would spend less time donating his enormous wealth to 3rd world communist dictators (you honestly think that’s going to the kids? Nigga please.), then thier developers might get paid more to build a STABLE OS than can work with others. Linux and wireless doesn’t work. You’re lucky if you have the right chipset. I’ve had 3 failed linux systems just because of this. But I keep trying, and I hope to God one day it will finally work. Linux FTW, but I like my internet. I like my games. And maybe soon (I’m downloading Feisty Fawn as we speak), there can be a level of ease of use that will beat the fuck out of windows.

42. Steve - November 18, 2007

Lol people get pissed because there is a distro of Linux that aims to be “easier”. Why not just use one of the plethora of Linux distros that offer you exactly what you want instead of bitching about the ones that don’t. I mean, everything is so damn easy in Linux, right?

I also find it funny that people criticize Microsoft’s generic drivers because they are buggy yet the over-whelming majority of complaints in Linux is crappy drivers. Way to be consistent in your argument. Linux’s “amazing” hardware support is the root of most user’s problems when trying to switch. There hardware doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly. Linux’s hardware manager is terrible. It’s been over twenty years and they still haven’t figured out how to throw a powerful hardware management tool in by default. Want to change something trivial? NO! Edit an obscure config file or download an obscure application that has a completely arbitrary name.

What is the deal with all this “no proprietary drivers” bs? The choice usually comes down to using the proprietary drivers or using some pos open-source driver that doesn’t work correctly. Damn, those hardware manufacturers, they should dump their drivers on the net for people to freely modify and then become liable for the alterations made by people who don’t even work for the company! That’s an awesome idea. No, it’s not.

43. Yonah - December 16, 2007

Yeah, Ubuntu is cool until ALSA crashes with some weird error message. Then you try using the computer only to find it feels much slower (despite the BOLD FACE LIES about the superior multitasking of Linux) because, low and behold, ARTSD is stuck using 85% CPU time. You fanbois need to die. Most of you would murder Jesus for a free Linux CD… you are scum.

44. Blah - March 11, 2008

I put Ubuntu on my moms laptop, and she seems to love it she can still email IM and surf the web download her pictures etc. but it hasn’t slowed down like before.
Ubuntu is NOT ready for people like my mom to setup themselves but hell either is Windows

the people that ubuntu is ready for as users are people like my mom that don’t play games, rely on cutting edge hardware or create anything software specific. Preinstalled systems that don’t get viruses are on their way and the users wont have a clue what operating system its running either.

45. Lamo - March 18, 2008

One thing is for sure linux rules in the server dept. Suck on that windows!!!!!!!
think about *cough* apache *cough*.

Btw, if you haven’t found a virus/trogjen on your windows os then your: a. not using windows b. need a new virus scanner. Even if you are being careful about downloads and webpage views does not mean that your comp is safe from internet attacks.

Yet another thing, if window messes up it messes up bad, which is not unlike Ubuntu, but more difficult to track down because windows does not show you or get you involved with what is going on. For some people (techs, and anybody who wants to fix their own problems) this can be a big time consuming problem that can cost companies and individual users big bucks in certain circumstances. But for the average user windows is great, I would even go so far as to say to keep these people on Windows they don’t need to know anything anyways, especially if they don’t want to. My motto: if ignorant people want to remain ignorant to what the os is actually doing let them remain ignorant and let them stay on windows!

46. ubuntu reviews ... should you try ubuntu? | ideas2o - April 27, 2008

[…] Ubuntu Just Sucks Less […]

47. edgar - June 13, 2008

I just want to make a quick comment in spanish bcos… why not? Yo uso ambos y ambos me gustan. Pero no creo que uno haga mejor las cosas que el otro. La computadora es solo una herramienta, osea lo importante es el entrenamiento y la habilidad que tienes para usarla. Arriba alguien dijo que los “smart guys” escojen linux…hmmm yo no estoy tan seguro de eso. Yo conozco varios tontos y mentalmente lentos que usan linux solo para aparentar que son inteligentes. Algo similar pasa con las mac, esa empresa hizo un muy buen trabajo de mercadotecnia con la clase media alta gringa: en casi todo el mundo ves un gringo douchebag frente a una mac, pero claro que mas alla de chatear, tocar musica y guardar fotos… no hacen nada mas sofisticado. En mi caso yo uso xp en una laptop potente de bajo costo. El xp adecuadamente mantenido es bastante estable. Uso cygwin y asi puedo tener un ambiente linux totalmente funcional corriendo dentro de windows. Mis archivos son totalmente compatibles, no tengo problemas de drivers y soy feliz 😉 Ah, x cierto, xp no es tan rigido como muchos piensan, lo puedes configurar bastante bien para que te de una buena presentacion visual y alto desempenio.

48. 31337S1^x0R - June 22, 2008

Ubuntu and all it’s variants are for semi-technical windows users who wish they could manage a real linux system, but lack the knowledge and skills needed to do so efficiently.

49. U..._The_U... - June 23, 2008

Everyone has their say on the advantages and flaws of software, or in this case the OSs.

OS 00 is awesome; great.
OS 00 sucks; great.
OS 00 is awesome and also sucks; great.
OS 00 sucks and I’m switching; great.

However, when someone generalizes -all- users of a specific OS and classify them all in one broad category, he/she might as well be worse. Some users want to do things in a snap, others want full monitoring or full control of their tasks. OK. Every user is has different tastes and different task handling.

There is a difference between bashing specific people, and bashing all users who use a specific OS.

50. Casey - August 12, 2008

Google search update:

“windows rocks”: 6,780
“ubuntu rocks”: 41,300

And Ubuntu is still the winner. Too bad you forgot to weigh in the different flavors of Windows:

“xp rocks”: 7,840
“vista rocks”: 45,000

Oh well, it was a dumb test to prove a dumb point. Ubuntu sucks. Trust me, I know:

51. H-B - November 1, 2008

Ubuntu is for masochists who love to torture themselves writing archaic code in a terminal just to make their OS work.

“I put Ubuntu on my moms laptop, and she seems to love it she can still email IM and surf the web download her pictures etc. but it hasn’t slowed down like before.
Ubuntu is NOT ready for people like my mom to setup themselves but hell either is Windows”

Maybe so. But at least Windows is for decent people who have better things to do than to waste days tweaking their OS just to install and configure crap (and don’t give me the “You can use packages” crap, because there are tons of stuff that can be installed from packages, and there are many packages that don’t work on all versions computers, or simply don’t work at all), unlike Ubuntu.

52. time waster - November 5, 2008

ubuntu – xubuntu – totally suck.

Totally unfriendly to install and a waste of time.

I’ve wasted so much energy trying to get solutions to
do a simple install – if they cannot even figure out how
to make that work reliably how can I expect anything
else in it to work.

For geeks only I’m afraid.

Windows may suck, but at least it works. Ubuntu doesn’t –
not as claimed.

53. HB - November 11, 2008

^ If it works, then what makes you say that Windows sucks?

Anyway, Ubunturd is for masochists.

54. Users Complain More About Windows Than About Linux - February 25, 2009

[…] Ubuntu Just Sucks Less Most interestingly, according to opinmind, 87% of all bloggers who have blogged about Ubuntu like it, as opposed to 67% for Windows. Opinmind seems to be a real neat tool – wonder how many people use it, and in what innovative ways. https://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/ubuntu-just-sucks-less/ […]

55. Newseditor - November 30, 2009

I’m learning Ubuntu for a college class and while it’s nice, it’s really nothing to write home about.

Our instructor is making us set up a reminder using the Shell and there are so many commands, but meanwhile, you can get the same, stress free result if you put a Post-it note on your computer.

With Windows, you have a calendar that you can look at, a great interface where no commands or codes are needed.

Anyway, since the majority of computer users use Windows and not Ubuntu, it’s not really fair to compare the two.

56. Ubuntu user - July 2, 2010

“Almost no one thinks Ubuntu sucks”

That’s because almost no one uses it. It has a negligible market share. Why doesn’t anyone use it? Because it sucks.

Windows 7 >> any Ubuntu release

57. John - July 5, 2010

Ubuntu is CRAP.

Installed on X2 3800+ -> cpu scaling didn’t work. For the first week I ran at 1ghz ALL THE TIME. This made it impossible to decode 720p content. Windows? No problem.

Sound issues – Linux sound? CRAP. Try running spdif to your receiver, then play with PulseAudio and Alsa. Windows? No problem.

Install new programs – Ubuntu doesnt even show an icon, or give ANY information about where the program installed. At least Gentoo and others are more verbose. Windows? Icon + shows newly installed programs separetely.

Then theres games, apps, etc…. -> WIndows wins.

Good music player / organizer? Windows wins.

Good movie player / organizer? Even between the two…

58. sikiş izle - September 26, 2010

I agree that the votes, search etc are from technical people.

59. antalya ilaçlama - September 27, 2010

I agree that the votes, search etc are from technical people. Half of the Windows users are mom and pops who don’t go and vote or search for Ubuntu vs Windows, so the statistics are more towards tech people than general population. Ofcourse sensible tech people won’t vote for Windows.

60. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

You need to experience the power before you can praise anything

61. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

The NT framework has been in action for roughly seven years and M$ still can’t defend itself from a simple boot-loader virus? Sounds like kick backs from security software manufACTERERS might be the sway in the hay there. Money causes blindness. When’s do you think the last time Billiam Gates had a debilitating boot loader virus attack?

62. izmir escort - December 28, 2010

The NT framework has been in action for roughly seven years and M$ still can’t defend itself from a simple boot-loader virus? Sounds like kick backs from security software manufACTERERS might be the sway in the hay there. Money causes blindness. When’s do you think the last time Billiam Gates had a debilitating boot loader virus attack?

63. rob - June 14, 2011

dude, FUCK UBUNTU. id rather contract herpies then use this bullshit

64. RHL - October 8, 2011

Ubuntu 10.04 is great os system, if you have the hardware to get it to work. In truth, most people just hate Linux because they used windows first. Windows have games that I don’t really own and are very restrictive to use. Linux have games that I actually own and not all of the games are text based LOL.

If you want something done right, you must do it your self. I rather us a working linux box then deal with the restrictive rules of windows. right now I am trying to figure out freebsd, for now it’s somewhat hard,but soon it will be easy for me.

Windows, Mac, Unix are all great to me, I only hate too Restrictive drms.

as for those who find glory in marriage, enjoy that servitude known as marriage. One who seeks marriage or sex seeks it because nature has imposed an urge upon him. Those who seek computing seek it because it fascinates them.

Marrige/Sex is nature way of enslaving man kind. If you get married make sure it something you really want and not a carnal urge.

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