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Year 2006: In Retrospect January 1, 2007

Posted by Carthik in about.

This last year was great for this blog. A few posts got dugg, a few made me smile and overall I am a happy camper.

To wind up the last year, here’s a list of all the posts that were featured on Digg.com:

  1. First Ubuntu Billboard Spotted
  2. Super Fast Internet for Ubuntu
  3. Flash 9 for Ubuntu
  4. Software to Watch DVDs and All Multimedia Files on Ubuntu
  5. The Meaning of “Ubuntu” – Explained by Nelson Mandela
  6. Ubuntu (Canonical) Decides to Offer Non-Open-Source Commerical Software!!

Not surprisingly, these are also the most popular posts of the past year. The other posts that make up the top 10 most popular posts are:

  1. Installing using an RPM file
  2. How to mount a remote ssh filesystem using SSHFS
  3. Adding a startup script to be run at bootup
  4. Disable Synaptics Touchpad
  5. Enabling CPU Frequency Scaling

The total number of posts stands at 187. The total number of comments is amazing: 2502! That is more than 10 comments per post on average. Thank you!!


1. Timo - January 2, 2007

the PLF is down, so you can’t find the packages for libdvdcss et al from there.

2. Roy Schestowitz - January 2, 2007

Wish you posted more often… good luck with the Ph.D.

3. bapoumba - January 2, 2007

@ Timo : some french ubunteros launched new repos after plf stopped supporting ubuntu packages :
Please check that you are entitled to download these packages, depending on your country policy 😉

4. Open Source Update: 1/8/07 « dreaming spires - January 8, 2007

[…] Ubuntu Blog has a retrospective of Ubuntu in […]

5. Ibod Catooga - December 4, 2008

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6. sikiş izle - September 26, 2010

… good luck with the Ph.D

7. antalya ilaçlama - September 27, 2010

Wish you posted more often…

8. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

The negroes have invaded. We are doomed.

9. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

Please check that you are entitled to download these packages, depending on your country policy

10. nursing programs online - December 23, 2010

It seems to me that this site doesn’t load on a Motorola Droid. Are other people having the same problem? I enjoy this website and don’t want to have to skip it when I’m away from my computer.

11. Ibod Catooga - August 9, 2014

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