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Ubuntu Blogs Round-up December 23, 2006

Posted by Carthik in about, Other sites, planet ubuntu, ubuntu, Ubuntu Sites.

The response to my request for Ubuntu Bloggers to put their hands up has been tremendous.

So much so that I felt obliged to round them all up and create a page listing all the little known Ubuntu Blogs 🙂

The listings are sorted by language. There’s even one video blog (vlog.gwallgofi.com/) where the author/presenter intends to communicate with hearing challenged folks using sign language. Very cool!

Of course, the request brought forth a couple of strange responses: a scientologist and someone who writes about AIDS. I haven’t included your blogs in the list for the simple reason that a search for Ubuntu on your blogs turned up zip. If you start writing, I will include you later.

Erythro points out that there is a list of blogs at the forums. Thanks – I have added links to the two forums threads at the page.

Daniel floated the idea of an extra-solar(?) planet of Ubuntu Blogs by Ubuntu Users:

I wonder what would be a good way to tap into that well of online knowledge about Ubuntu and present way in an useful and friendly way to the world? Maybe what we need is an userplanet.ubuntu.com or community.ubuntu.com to complement the more official planet.ubuntu.com that would aggregate these Non-Ubuntu-Member blogs.

I think it is a great idea, and even thought about setting it up on my own server. However, Gouki expressed interest in implementing it first, and since I don’t like stepping on toes, I will wait for a while for him to do it. Gouki, would you mind terribly if I did it myself? Or better still, would the higher-ups at Canonical/Ubuntu want to do this (semi-)officially?

Thank you for sending in links to your blogs – I have added them to my feedreader and look forward to reading about your experiences. Now you have a guaranteed audience of at least one interested soul 🙂

Coming up with the list was really time consuming – have been doing nothing else for the past three hours. I visited each blog, checked it out(when I could understand the language), and had a good time overall. It’s a good thing its the holidays. But unfortunately, because of this, I will have to cut back a little on working on this blog over the next couple of days. It is the holidays and I will be off on a little holiday myself, in a day or two.


1. Mato - December 23, 2006

I usually write in my blog about Ubuntu. It’s in spanish.

2. mike - December 23, 2006


put pls ensure, that every blog has a special ubuntu category.

don’t want to see all the “my wife is pregnant”-posts on the planet 😛

3. Gouki - December 23, 2006

Well, now that I just bought the domain it would be wasted money 😛

I really am thinking about this and I’m willing to go further, however, two people doing the same work twice is *not* a good idea.

The domain I bought is UbuntuWeblogs.org and Planet is ready to be fired up, however, I do need some help with the webdesign side of things.

What do you think? I think the best idea is to combine efforts.

4. ubuntonista - December 24, 2006

Of Course Gouki, Please go ahead with your plans. I did not mean to discourage you or duplicate work.

5. ubuntonista - December 24, 2006

And I have added the links mentioned in the comments.

6. Bert - December 24, 2006

This is such a coincidence!
Only four weeks ago or so, I started with a project called UbuntuHQ (www.ubuntuhq.com).

This is a fragment of the about-page: “UbuntuHQ ‘s goal is to bring the Ubuntu-news to the Ubuntu user. It should be seen as a way to centralise the Ubuntu-news, so that users don’t have to visit 20 blogs every time. When someone visited UbuntuHQ, he can be sure that he is fully informed about the Ubuntu actualities.”

We also post tutorials, howto’s, application reviews, etc.
The site is Joomla-based and still under construction (we need another logo, better site template,…). I think it’s better to work all together, so please contact me (bert(AT)ubuntuhq(DOT)com). I’m sure we’ll find a way to cooperate!

7. Stéphane Graber - December 24, 2006

I think the idea of a Planet for Ubuntu users (and developer who aren’t on Planet Ubuntu).
The only thing to think about is to avoid a big flood which could happen if there are too much high-traffic blog, selecting the right categories and tags on those will be really important I think.

I’m sorry I’m more a coder than a webdesigner, anyway if you need some help for the hosting part or setting up planet I’m willing to help, just mail me.

8. Paul Mellors - December 24, 2006

If you want to use a domain for this, i own http://www.planetubuntu.org

9. krak - December 24, 2006

hmmm… it would cos some money and there is no need to spend it 🙂
Just make one more page on our blos with link to all ubuntu users… Then participate little on ubuntu forums and that is it! It`s important that we comunicate between ourselves 😉
So we can do that and that is it!

p.s. I`m not a partybreaker but there is too much ubuntu related sites and to make more…

10. gouki - December 24, 2006

Stéphane Graber: Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.

Paul Mellors: I actually tried to register that one, but someone else already had it 😛 I would really like to use it. Do you mind if we transfer it to my hosting provider?

If anyone wants to discuss/help on the project, I’m on Freenode. Just /msg gouki. It’s quicker and we don’t spam Carthik’s weblog.

Every bit of help is welcome!

I’ll make sure to stop by every now and then to read the comments tho.

11. paul mellors - December 24, 2006

Gouki – Id rather not loose the domain, i’ve got hosting for it, if you want me to set you up with an account and access, please email me at paul@paulmellors.net

12. Gouki - December 24, 2006

Paul Mellors: Ok. I’ll contact you from now by eMail regarding the domain.

13. rcjhawk - December 24, 2006

I don’t know if it qualifies as a Ubuntu blog, per se, but my blog talks a lot about Linux, and I’m currently using Ubuntu:

http://hawknotes.blogspot.com , aka Linux & Things

Occasionally I go off on tangents …

14. Pranni - December 25, 2006

Here is mine. My blog is not just about Ubuntu and also don’t write much about it. Check it out:


15. ubuntonista - December 25, 2006

I am closing comments on this post now. If you have a blog to add to the list, please visit The Ubuntu Blogs List

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