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Word! July 13, 2006

Posted by Carthik in ubuntu.

Pledging content to PD (Public Domain) is great because you dont have to be 70 years dead to appreciate someone else using it.

Andy Fitzsimon

…Somebody add that to a list of quotations somewhere, please…

I was taken to Andy’s site while following the lead left by a previous comment, which led me to a wiki page which mentions him.
Andy explains the benefits of releasing work to the public domain, and the joy of seeing your work everywhere, even on the TV. This is the guy that designed the singularly attractive Ubuntu title font. I wonder if he did the emblem(logo) as well. Thanks, Andy.


1. matthew - July 13, 2006

I just added it to my quote of the day thread in the ubuntuforums here: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1249699#post1249699

2. ubuntonista - July 13, 2006

Thanks, Matthew.

3. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

Sorry im a newbie, how can i use it, i have downloaded it but i can not where it is or how can i view the clip arts…

4. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

I just added it to my quote of the day thread in the ubuntuforums

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