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Best Time to Upgrade to Dapper – Now! May 31, 2006

Posted by Carthik in ubuntu.

Folks, the much awaited Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) is to be released tomorrow, the 1st of June. Once it is released, and the news hits the vine, you can be sure download times will be much more than they are right now – and they aren’t so great right now.

Between now, and the time Dapper is released, there will be a few more updated packages, but you can always update the packages later, as you normally would.

The new way to upgrade from Breezy to Dapper is quite convenient. Just follow the instructions.

Of course, you can increase the download speed by using a mirror, as I previously wrote in the 22x faster upgrade post.

Prepare to be awed by Dapper!


1. havoc - May 31, 2006

uhmm…. why aren’t we using bittorrent as the default distribution tool for Ubuntu?

Just asking!


2. XavMP - May 31, 2006

havoc… why use bittorrent if the software update through repositories work so well?

3. spartan777 - May 31, 2006

the direct downloads will be really bad for dapper, but they will be that much faster on bittorrent! i can see 50-200 kbp/s for all once enough people get to seed. i guess if you upgrade, it WILL be really slow. i’m doing one of each, a full install on a server (for my soon to come website) and an update for my family’s pc that already has ubuntu.

4. spartan777 - May 31, 2006

xavmp, because when anything first comes out, the servers are always hammered. if somehow they could integrate bittorrent into synaptic, they could relax a bit, and not spend so much on huge pipes for the masses. i could envision something where there are the official ubuntu servers seeding stuff, and everyone who downloads gets data from peers and the servers (or just the peers). this would have to be optional. i heard that the next OSX release will have something like this integrated into their the OSX update manager. there would be some kudos system to motivate people to share, like a free song off itunes for so much sharing.

btw ubuntunista, i love your blog. really useful for someone sorta new to linux (as in about half a year’s experience).

5. mwarden - June 1, 2006

is there somewhere we can find what’s new? i can’t tell much of a difference except for UI tweaks.

6. benplaut - June 1, 2006

it’s unnofficially out… on the main mirror, not announced yet.

if you’re running from a few days ago update, wait until next week to get the final. after breezy i was getting 3kb/s from the overload for a week after =/

7. krampo - June 1, 2006

Heh, I was hoping that they are going to distribute it at least one day before release when it comes out officially, all mirror sites already has it and the main server doesn’t have to get the “cold shower”. It’s early morning here in Europe, but for now I can’t find anything on mirror servers…let’s hope everything goes ok and everyone gets their copy of Ubuntu 🙂

btw, why are shipit.ubuntu.com allowing only 10CD’s max? I guess for the last release it was way more than that…

8. Limulus - June 1, 2006

krampo: As per http://www.ubuntu.com/support/faq#head-7eef2db63e0a75424cdd663ee6f7b8eedcf19607

“How Many CDs Can I Order? We have not yet opened the “custom request” section of ShipIt for version 6.06 LTS, but will do so shortly. If you’d like to order larger quantities of CDs than what is listed in the standard options, please supply a clear reason for ordering. We will consider special requests for larger quantities under special circumstances.”

When Breezy came out I ordered 100 sets for my local LUG and we ran out several months ago 🙂 I plan to order 200 Dapper disks; Edgy will be fun, but Dapper’s stability and long term support will probably make it the prefered version among non-power-users until at least Edgy+1 and as I was told when I wrote to Shipit, they *won’t* be offering Dapper disks after Edgy is released.

9. krampo - June 1, 2006

Let’s hope for the best. Last time we as LinuxCenter of University of Latvia ordered quite a lot CD’s, they approved, but after all we got just like 100 or 200 and most of them were 64bit versions. We hand out CD’s to our students so they can try at home and show to their friends. And it’s allways better attitude from people when you give them nice printed cover not just 5min ago burned CD and with marker written Ubuntu on it. Ok, let’s wait for release and then wait for CD’s. Thanks for info Limulus.

10. stabani - June 4, 2006

just upgraded to drapper using repositories. sadly, because of hte constraints on speed of my connection (14k/s) it took around 15 hours to download about 1300 packages totaling 600mb!

11. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

havoc… why use bittorrent if the software update through repositories work so well?

12. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

is there somewhere we can find what’s new? i can’t tell much of a difference except for UI tweaks.

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