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What can I say… April 21, 2006

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu.

I am busy. This is temporary. Being a student can mean loads of free time, at times, but can also mean times when you have to hunker down, and work to meet that deadline. I promise I will be free-er in a few days, and write more of the fancy stuff I have seen, and learnt. Gosh, one thing is for sure – I feel more productive than ever using Ubuntu. No frustration, the computer keeps running, and I keep working. I crash once daily, the computer, for a change, does not 🙂

For now, please read Behind Ubuntu. I love the idea, and had thought of it myself, but was hesitant to ask the big wigs for interviews 🙂

I now have a review copy of “Beginning Ubuntu Linux” by Keir Thomas, an Apress book. I will post a review as soon as I have read it. I promise, I will be fair to book, author and you 🙂 Well, the book does mention this blog, but that shouldn’t impair my judgement.

The Dapper beta is out. They’re calling it LTS (for long term support). Try out the beta and file bugs, like good Ubunteros.

Oh, and I have been going berserk at the Bugtracker, helping with triaging bugs, which is quite addictive, and can replace a video game or two when it comes to rejuvenating a sagging spirit. Today is a Bug Day, and you can help triage bugs and make Dapper better than the best, too 🙂


1. FeF - April 21, 2006

Is the Behind Ubuntu blog you’re referring to the one at http://behindubuntu.org? I couldn’t get .com to work, and I didn’t see a record for it in DNS. As it is, the .org website is quite interesting. Good luck with all that school work, and thanks much for the great blog.

2. ubuntonista - April 21, 2006

Thanks FeF,

I fixed the link. You were right, it was a .org.

3. Branden - April 22, 2006

great site bud, no worries on the busy schedule, you can only do what you can.. Great work though!

Branden, Nubbit.com

4. Jeremiah - April 30, 2006

You could have gone to the “big-wigs” for interviews. Although they live around open source, that philosophy doesn’t change people and people like to be noticed, your blog gets plenty of attention.

5. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

Good luck with all that school work, and thanks much for the great blog.

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