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Restoring the Ubuntu usplash after a Kubuntu Install February 20, 2006

Posted by Carthik in administration, maintenance, ubuntu.

If you, like me, installed kubuntu-desktop to try it out, then afterward, you must have noticed that when you boot up, the kubuntu splash screen appears with “kubuntu” in blue (instead of the Ubuntu brown) while the computer is booting up.

While this is not a major problem, it is a minor irritant, since you will have to field questions from people regarding why you use kde instead of the superior gnome. Even if it is not a problem, I found a solution, and so it deserves to be called a problem, just so I can write an entertaining article regarding how to fix this.

To get back your familiar Ubuntu usplash image and screen, do a:
$sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so

Now you will get to answer a question regarding whether to use the Kubuntu, Ubuntu (or if you have it installed xubuntu) – desktop usplash imag. Select the one you want and rest at ease.

For those who don’t want to muck around with the terminal, may I suggest a quick read of the galternatives article I authored previously?

P.S. Regular Daily readers might like to know that an article on this site got dugg. I apologize for not having published anything since then – was busy reinstalling Ubuntu on a machine, and life interfered, too.


1. compo.sytes.net - February 21, 2006

how to look for nothing special ^^
No mater if user see kubuntu ubuntu or else … i think that someone not affraid with ubuntu will not be from kubuntu or anybootslpash
Most people don’t know much about linux and even less from ubuntu

on think that is interesting me will be to custom bootsplash with a random image or with a small animation 🙂

are u able to tel me how to do such a think, thks 🙂

I’m using Kubuntu because i think that kde rock

2. Erik Mallinson - February 21, 2006

good to know, thanks!

3. Ubuntu Linux Blog by Ralph - February 21, 2006

Restoring the Ubuntu usplash after a Kubuntu Install

Ubuntonista made a nice blog entry about restoring the Ubuntu usplash. I was already wondering how I could go back to the original one.Use the following command to choose the image you want:sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.soNow you choos

4. Ralph - February 21, 2006

thanks for the hint. I was always wondering how I could do that.

5. Bob C - February 26, 2006

I actually want to turn the bootsplash off entirely. I was hoping there would be a third option to disable the bootsplash, however there wasn’t. Does anyone know how to disable it?

6. Abhishek - February 26, 2006

Recently I installed Kubuntu Desktop. I wanted my bootsplash to get back to the previous one though. Nice blog and would be helpful to me. 🙂


7. wagi - February 27, 2006

good tip to know.

8. ~pb - February 27, 2006

Whats all this aboutgnome being superior to kde? i’mafariad its the other way around.

9. kbglob - tecnologia para geeks, no para tu mamá » Restaurando la pantalla de booteo de ubuntu - March 15, 2006

[…] inspirado en esto […]

10. Dan - May 15, 2006

Thanks, very handy 🙂

11. me - June 14, 2006

Did what you said in terminal (sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.so) a received the following response:

There is only 1 program which provides usplash-artwork.so
(/usr/lib/usplash/usplash-default.so). Nothing to configure.

BTW, my PC shuts down Ubuntu and boots Kubuntu?

12. Nagi Takeru - July 4, 2006

using update-alternatives doesnt work for me, so just went to packages.ubuntu.com and dowloaded again the package “usplash” and reinstall (dpkg -i usplash*), allways works

a mi no me funciono usar update-alternatives, entonces lo hice asi: solo hay que ir a packages.ubuntu.com y descargar otra vez el paquete usplash y reinstalar (dpkg -i uspash*), siempre funciona

13. Ploum - July 23, 2006

apt-get install –reinstall usplash

14. red - July 30, 2006

Had the same problem as the guy on June 14. The fix proposed by Ploum on July 23, 2006 didn’t work. Found out why…

It’s “apt-get install – -reinstall usplash” note the extra ‘-‘ on reinstall

15. Miguel - November 2, 2006

I have been searchin the web and got this site. I am trying to eliminate the boot splash screen and return the scrolling kernel boot text. How do I do that? Could I just disable usplash?

16. tom - November 10, 2006

sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst
from this
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.15-27-386 root=/dev/mapper/Ubuntu-root ro quiet splash

to this
kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.15-27-386 root=/dev/mapper/Ubuntu-root ro quiet

17. fredericthewise - November 11, 2006

worked excellent thanks!!

they need graphical ways of doing these things,
but you rock anyways

18. Eric - December 4, 2006

In response to Tom’s message about removing “splash”:

It seems to work well, however, on booting up, it seems to only display “Starting up…” followed by a few other status messages. This is different from previous versions, where it would display many helpful/interesting messages, like “Starting Apache2 [ok]”, etc.

Have any idea how to get this behavior back?

19. Eric - December 4, 2006

In response to my recent message:

Ah, I think the solution is to also remove ‘quiet’ from that same line in the configuration file

20. abhijeetnayak` - December 9, 2006

nice informationnnnnn man. pls keen flowing such tricks.

21. ice-t - December 24, 2006

hi! thanks, but i had to do this afterwards that the changes had an affect:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)

22. gürkangür - January 18, 2007

what are these alternatives?
how much choice that i select? 🙂

23. Greg - February 24, 2007

There is a second step required to complete this or youll get ubuntu on shutdown and kubuntu on startup

From one of the ubuntu forums
NOTE: If you install the k/x/ed/ubuntu-desktop package, there’s a little bug where the splash screen (the boot-up and shut-down screen) gets taken over by any of the other desktop environments you have installed. If you want your old splash screen back, just paste this into a terminal:

sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.so

Choose usplash-default.so for the default brown ubuntu splash, or choose whichever one you like. Then paste this:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`

and you’re all set.

24. DC - March 10, 2007

After installing kubuntu-desktop, I tried to recover the original ubuntu splash screens using:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm

sudo ln -sf /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-default.so /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-artwork.so

sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-$(uname -r)

Now, I don’t have splash screens at all, and no matter what I do, I can’t get them back (tried everything on this blog).
What can I do to get my original ubuntu splash screens back?

Thanks in advance

25. Parag - March 11, 2007

From Synaptic Package Manager reinstall usplash-theme-ubuntu. It will restore original ubuntu splash screen back

26. hendy - March 13, 2007

thanks. I’ve been searching for this.

27. Tintinabulation - March 25, 2007

Yea, I got those annoying questions. Whats that boot screen?? I thought you said you used GNOME?! Not anymore!

28. Mac - April 3, 2007

Thanks Greg!

The last line did the trick for me. I’ve been pulling out my hair trying to figure out why the kubuntu boot splash kept coming up.

29. un tiss un tiss un tiss - May 7, 2007

Cool, thanks, I really didn’t know how to realize this thing

30. Blazoner - June 15, 2007

In Feisty, we have a simpler option. Download and install SUM (Start Up Manager) http://web.telia.com/~u88005282/sum/index.html
Find it under System>Administration>StartUp-Manager
Under the Appearance tab, under Usplash themes, click the pull-down menu, and choose “usplash-theme-ubuntu”
All done, but there’s lots more to play with there, too.

31. Cambiare l’usplash di (K)Ubuntu « Il blog di sub - October 11, 2007
32. zaleb - October 19, 2007

I just had this happen on my new Gutsy upgrade and I tried the update-alternatives but I fat fingered it and thought it was unavailable. However I noticed in /usr/sbin there exists ‘update-usplash-theme’. If you don’t provide any arguments it will list out the themes on your system. So to switch back to the Ubuntu theme the full command is:
sudo update-usplash-theme usplash-theme-ubuntu

33. lonnie - January 31, 2008

After installing ubuntu I tried the kubuntu conversion and kde is great but I couldn’t get compiz to function properly so I wanted to switch back to ubuntu default any idea how to go about resetting ubuntu back to default applications and so on?

34. bascht - March 3, 2008

Niceeee! That disgusting medibuntu splash annoyed me every time I opened up my laptop.

35. equus - May 19, 2008

Thanx, good post, I just happened to find it a bit too late, after fixing it using the Startup-Manager utility… 😉
I think that will take care of the last remnants of my foray into Kubuntu!

36. Thomas - June 4, 2008

Yeah, all i wanted was the ubuntustudio theme, and it installed the entire thing! Thanks for the tip, man. I got my Ubuntu boot screen back!

37. LynchMan - June 18, 2008

Thanks for the hint – I’ve been wondering how to do this for a bit…

38. Juliano - August 15, 2008

Thanks for the tip man. After uninstalling KDE4 the splash screen in the boot keep being the Kubuntu one. Worked perfectly!

39. mhenriday - September 20, 2008

A few months ago, I thought I’d take a look at Kubuntu, and following Psychocat’s instructions (), I typed

sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop

into my terminal, cried «Havoc !» and let slip the dogs of war. After using Kubuntu for a while, however, I decided I preferred Gnome, and so, again according to Psychocat’s instructions, I entered «sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop» to remove Kubuntu from my system. Unfortunately – and to my surprise – this had no effect whatever ; a boot into Ubuntu still opened the Kubuntu splash screen and a look at Synaptic revealed that all the Kubuntu files that had been added were still installed. I then uninstalled them manually, but still saw the Kubuntu splash screen when booting into and closing Ubuntu.

A knowledgeable friend to whom I had appealed pointed me to this blog, and after performing «sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.so» in a terminal and then hitting «Reboot», I saw to my joy the Ubuntu exit screen appear, rather than the Kubuntu version. BUT when the box rebooted into Ubuntu, it was the Kubuntu splash screen in blue that once again appeared. I tried using the G-alternatives via the link above, but was unable to find my way to anything there that allowed me to deal with this problem – which is, of course, admittedly minor and easily lived with, but annoying just the same. I’d be very grateful if Carthik or some other reader could help me resolve it !…


40. Doc - September 25, 2008

update-initramfs -v -c -k all

(the splash in in the initrd image, you need to update them all to get your favorite splash back)

41. Smith - October 7, 2008

Wow.. Thanks a lot .. it helped me 🙂

42. Walker - October 20, 2008

This was annoying little thing, thank you so much for this tip!
Ubuntu logo is back 🙂

43. snuggly - January 1, 2009

I had a similar problem after i installed xubuntu desktop on top of the ubuntu one in 8.10 – it loaded up the xubuntu login screen which i didnt like. Turns out you can easily change it graphically by going to system > administration > login window and setting your preferences in there.

44. Flo - March 4, 2009

thanks! Exactly what I was looking for.

45. Chris - March 15, 2009

Hehe, thank you very much, exactly what I was after, exactly for the reasons stated.

46. none - April 27, 2009

Thanks 30 the startup manager way was the way I was trying to refind after upgrading to JJ 9.04 and also kde 4.2 just incase it happened again this time around. thanks.

47. none - April 27, 2009

thanks 43 as well that is also a cool menu I didn’t know existed and saves lots of time.

48. Daeld - November 27, 2009

After finding this page, I tried the various methods described. I’m a relative newbie to GNU/Linux, so I’m not able to say why it didn’t work. The Usplash was set to ubuntu rather than kubuntu, the usplash for ubuntu was re-installed. In the end I logged in as root (because I still don’t know how to delete in the CLI) and deleted the usplash-theme-kubuntu.so from the /usr/lib/usplash folder. The ubuntu bootsplash has returned.

49. koluis - May 3, 2010

I like this content so much.Imagination is more important than knowledge.

50. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

I actually want to turn the bootsplash off entirely. I was hoping there would be a third option to disable the bootsplash, however there wasn’t. Does anyone know how to disable it?

51. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

they need graphical ways of doing these things,
but you rock anyways

52. athrey - October 12, 2010

hey.. I just updated my ubuntu from 10.04 to 10.10, and tried it, but I get this error:

$ sudo update-alternatives –config usplash-artwork.so
update-alternatives: error: no alternatives for usplash-artwork.so.

any suggestions?


53. budi prihatin - October 18, 2010

FYI none of the above works for me (Ubuntu 10.04), but this does: http://tuxtweaks.com/2010/04/how-to-select-the-splash-screen-in-ubuntu-lucid/

54. Hidde Boomsma - March 25, 2011

For the newer ubuntu versions plymoth is used,
sudo update-alternatives –config default.plymouth
should do the trick

55. antalya böcek ilaçlama - August 8, 2011

antalya ev ilaçlama

56. Naji Shukri - September 7, 2011

Hi. i also face same state with UBUNTU 11.4. I dislike kubuntu’s logo. Any help to remove it.


57. Deepak Suryawanshi (@deepakvvs) - October 6, 2011

For me, I got an error message that said something like no other option available to change to but the following worked.
Go to Synaptic Package Manager and remove plymouth-theme-kubuntu-logo.

58. installed kubuntu desktop. Now computer grub and all IS kubuntu - October 22, 2011

[…] disable all splash screens, so I never deal with them. But here's a link that may be of some help: https://embraceubuntu.com/2006/02/20/…buntu-install/ Honestly, the pretty pictures have never mattered to me. I prefer the "traditional Linux wall […]

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