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Persistent Settings and Files with LiveCDs February 14, 2006

Posted by Carthik in guides, ubuntu.

I have a copy of the Ubuntu Live CD in my backpack for emergency use when I am forced to use a non-Ubuntu computer. Not that I can’t use Windows in such a situation, but there are times when I have to use Ubuntu for work-related reasons. In these situations, what sucks really bad is that everytime I boot up with my LiveCD, I start from scratch, and without my documents. Well, I just found the fix for it.

The Live CD Persistence wiki page describes how to use a USB drive to enable persistence when using a LiveCD.

The wiki in general is a gold mine – you only have to know where to look. Most of the “gold” I have found in the wiki is buried deep, and I am led to it by links I find in emails, and other webpages. Search engines don’t seem to like the wiki too much, and I suspect it is the “https” and the lack of a good, widly-recognized certificate that is to blame.


1. benplaut - February 15, 2006

this is the coolest new feature of dapper live. Anyone know aht *big* changes there are with dapper install? X.orgR7 seems to be the biggest

2. jamesbowling.com » Blog Archive » Persistent Settings and Files with LiveCDs - February 15, 2006

[…] Ubuntu Blog » Persistent Settings and Files with LiveCDs No Tags […]

3. anonymous - February 17, 2006

is there a way to use an encrypted USB drive?

4. Gavin - February 17, 2006

Does this work with older Ubuntu Live CDs or only Dapper ?

5. Lee - April 17, 2006

What is a good size flash drive for this purpose?

6. airtonix - May 13, 2006

Apparently, you can use a file that is like some sort of contained filesystem….its gotta be named casper-rw and it has to be in the root of any partition…

I would like to get it serving off another computer….preferably via nfs or pxe…

7. airtonix - June 29, 2006

ja me too, as i freqeuntly am at places that use windows xp, which all have ntfs root partitions. so no love for the penguin there.

Maybe it is somehow possible to persistent mode bootup to a casper-rw file on a samba server? or even better a MacOSx panther running an nfs server….now that would be shaaaweeeeet!

8. airtonix - June 29, 2006

woops missed my logical operators for english.

what i meant : use casper-rw on usb to load up nfs-client or samba-client or ftp-client or http-client or whatever-client and get it to retrieve the rest of the casper-rw volume from a remote source….

I want to be able to this but not in php(obviously)

9. airtonix - June 29, 2006

ahh damn no code filter….

10. airtonix - June 29, 2006

but what i wanted to demonstrate was the php include function.

it would be nice if the casper-rw could also be a text file with line of text that is the url of the remote casper-rw iso.

this could live on the usb key or the harddrive.

11. airtonix - June 29, 2006

woah, thats bad…..

I just realised i replie to myself in the third person….woops!

12. airtonix - June 29, 2006

but anyway i cant even get this working when i follow link in this article.

13. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

What is a good size flash drive for this purpose?

14. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

ahh damn no code filter….

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