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Share Your Tip January 25, 2006

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu.

So you know something that is super-cool?
Does a little trick go a long way to making life easier with Ubuntu?
Do you rule the command line?

What is the most useful and/or neat tip you would have to share with a newbie to Ubuntu? Write in to ubuntonista@gmail.com, or leave me a comment here. If it has not been written up, and passes a bogon filter, it will be published here, and credited to you.

With a pagerank of 8/10, a link from the front page of this blog might just come in handy!

I know that sounds lame, but what else could a poor author offer you?


1. ubuntonista - January 25, 2006

Great! I received one tip via email, and another as a comment. The comment won’t be displayed properly, but I will publish the tips in the order received.

Keep ’em coming!

2. Ubuntu Blog » Tilde (backup file) cleanup - January 26, 2006

[…] In response to my request for tips from users, a few have written in with their favourite tips. I will be posting them here, in the order received, one or more per day. […]

3. Czar - January 26, 2006

After installing Ubuntu v5.1 (Breezy Badger) you are left with the distribution logo on the gnome-panel menu. Sure it’s cute, but the Gnome “foot” or even the Debian “spiral” deserves that space too. So, here is how you can change the (default) top-right Ubuntu logo.

Change to the Gnome “foot”
“cd /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48×48/apps/”
“sudo cp distributor-logo.png distributor-logo.png.old”
“sudo cp /usr/share/pixmaps/gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png distributor-logo.png”
“sudo killall gnome-panel”

Change to the Debian “spiral”

“cd /usr/share/icons/hicolor/48×48/apps/”
“sudo cp distributor-logo.png distributor-logo.png.old.1”
“sudo cp /usr/share/pixmaps/debian-logo.png distributor-logo.png”
“sudo killall gnome-panel”

– By Czar @ http://czarism.com

4. Mark Evili - January 29, 2006

After installing a recent ubuntu update ( i think ) I was unable to load the gnome-session. I tried launching gnome-session in failsafe-terminal and go tthis error (first two lines)

_IceTransTransNoListen: unable to find transport: tcp
_IceTransmkdir: ERROR: euid != 0,directory /dev/X will not be created.

Anyway after some googleing, I found out the problem was that my .ICEAuthority file had somehow gotten incorrect permissions. Heres the fix.

sudo chown yourusername ~/.ICEAuthority
sudo chmod 777 ./.ICEAuthority

Log out and log back in and you should be good to go!

5. Shah - January 31, 2006


i’m an absolute noob to ubuntu. after installing automatix today, i noticed that the ubuntu logo on the top left hand corner has gone missing 😦 any ideas on how to restore it?

6. Marc - February 15, 2006

Neat tip that was recently pointed out to me – to convert a .deb to a tarball, do:

ar x debian_package.deb

This creates a data.tar.gz file with the main content and a control.tar.gz file with the package metadata.

For other types of conversions, check out Alien, which can of course be installed with apt-get

7. Marc - February 15, 2006

Here’s how to enable printing to a printer attached to an Ubuntu machine from a Windows client:


8. Marc - February 15, 2006

Not really Ubuntu-specific, but here’s how to resize the hard disk of a QEMU virtual machine:


9. mysurface - February 19, 2006

where apt-get store your deb packages ?

I have a PC and laptop installed with Ubuntu and i want to install a package at both side, the package are large. Instead of apt-get at both side that make it download two times, I transfer the deb from one side to another.

All the deb are store in /var/cache/apt/archives, copy all the needed deb(s) to another side and apt-get install will skip over the download steps and start unpack.

10. davidjr - March 2, 2006


i have another way doing that… http://gerona.gov.ph/davidjr/?p=92

Printer-Sharing with Ubuntu: http://gerona.gov.ph/davidjr/?p=57

I hope these help!

11. Dom Bee - April 6, 2006

I am ubuntu newbie!

Have been trying for weeks, but just cannot access ubuntu files from windows xp via lan.

I click on the icon, and it wont let me view the files without a password.

I’ve instlled samba, and I can see the ubuntu machine in my workgroup.

I try typing root, and the password, but it ignores that

Please help me

12. Ankur Dave - October 23, 2006

Here’s a good one for people who’ve been using Ubuntu for a while and now want to take more control over their system:
To make a script startup on boot:
First copy the script to /etc/init.d/
`sudo cp MYSCRIPT /etc/init.d/`
Then enable it
`sudo update-rc.d MYSCRIPT defaults`
…and that’s it. Simple and very useful.
Also, to enable/disable startup scripts:
`sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf`
`sudo sysv-rc-conf`
And then you can select/unselect services for each runlevel.

13. thierry - December 16, 2006

So you may want to decide when your computer performs a check disk at boot! In a terminal simply run:

sudo tune2fs -c 50 /dev/hdx@

I have a laptop; therefore it sure is powered on/off much more often than a desktop computer which may even never be turned off!
See the “50”…that means it’ll check disk when you restarted your computer 50 times. I set it to 5 because I want it to be checked often. Decide for yourself and change the number “50” to whatever you want.

Now the “/dev/hdx@” needs to be changed to where your Darling Ubuntu partition is. Here is mine:

I’ll just add this in case some very new users read this. In a terminal, copy/paste this:
“sudo fdisk -lu”
without the “”.
This’ll show you your partitions. For instance, my Ubuntu is on:
/dev/hda2 30716280 51199154 10241437+ 83 Linux
Good luck!
PS: You may want to click on the link I gave; OK it’s my page BUT there are LOTS of free/legal music,videos…made by very talented people (Creative Commons).

14. pitaman1 - June 13, 2007

is it possiable to turn off lan password requests in ubuntu

15. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

After installing Ubuntu v5.1 (Breezy Badger) you are left with the distribution logo on the gnome-panel menu. Sure it’s cute, but the Gnome “foot” or even the Debian “spiral” deserves that space too. So, here is how you can change the (default) top-right Ubuntu logo.

16. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

For other types of conversions, check out Alien, which can of course be installed with

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