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Script to Rename a Folder of Pictures December 16, 2005

Posted by Carthik in snippets, ubuntu.

Todd Slater posted a link to his script to rename pictures in a folder using the exif data stored in the photo. This will work for photos taken with a a digital camera, and you can rename all photos in a folder using a name, like “xmas”, the date, and then sequential numbers.

Try the script — the comments on top of the script should tell you how to use it.


1. Pascal Klein - December 17, 2005

Nice, very nice. Mix this with Krename and you’ve got pretty much all renaming utils you need. 🙂

Thank you as always,

2. nanomu - December 19, 2005

Wow. Very, very clean, simple and handy! Thanks a bunch!

3. qq - December 21, 2005

I kept restarting the Postfix process and it kept not working.

4. james - April 26, 2006

In case anyone needs it, I modified the above script to work with jhead. My shared webhost did not have exif installed. You can find the script here http://www.thecarruths.org/?p=30

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