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Instructions to Install MythTV December 16, 2005

Posted by Carthik in guides, ubuntu.

Long time readers (pun intended) might recall me posting a link to a myth-tv howto. Well, there’s one more of the same kind.

This newly updated guide to getting myth-tv running at home should help you get to watching and recording TV shows in no time 45 minutes or so, give or take.

This next one is for an AMD64 computer.


1. Nabil - December 17, 2005

There is always Systm IP TV. They did a show on how to set up a MythTV box.
Get the Torrent from there site

Or watch it on Google Video

2. Justin Byron - December 20, 2005

Is there a way to get the remote that comes with that PVR card mentioned on the guide to work? Haven’t seen anything about it anywhere.

3. Ravi - December 22, 2005

I have always wondered about the hype surrounding projects like Myth TV. I mean, I know the importance given to convergence of technologies. But only one person can use a PC at any given time right ?

Consider this scenario, Your sprouse is watching her favourate TV soap serial on the PC. And at the same time you have to urgently work on that very important OpenOffice.org presentation to be submitted to office tomorrow. Now this could be a sure recipe for a quarrel 🙂 . In these situations it helps to have the TV seperate from the PC .

Of course the above supposition loses its significance if in a family, each member has his own personal PC.

Neverthless it is a very good link you have provided on Myth TV.

4. GoogleABC - December 27, 2005

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5. infoCT - December 30, 2005

Hrmm.. interesting. Thanks!

6. Ravi - December 30, 2005

You may also include this MythTV guide that I strumbled upon while on the net.

There is a special link to creating a “diskless Ubuntu” at the end of the page.

7. ryan - December 31, 2005

I read the instructions for installing MythTV using knoppix http://mysettopbox.tv and it was still too much work (recompiling kernels, etc.)

I ended install Windows XP on an old 800Mhz computer with a Hauppage 150, running GBPVR http://gbpvr.com which is free and works great.

8. Vincent Yu - January 2, 2006

I’m very new to Linux and Ubuntu. I’m wonder how I can install other software like LimeWire in Ubuntu.

9. airtonix - February 11, 2006

one word….knoppmyth (not really a word but there you go..ahem)

10. airtonix - February 11, 2006

damn im being elite…hate that sooo much why did i do it…blaaaahh.

anyway, knoppmyth is the knoppix live cd that is loaded with mythtv, from what i remember mythtv boots up after a quick setup.

nice. personally i downloaded the iso from
ftp://internode.on.net/pub/ which doesn;t count towards my adsl downstream qouta….infact my isp provides me with a complete mirror of the ubunutu repos, i love it.

11. airtonix - February 11, 2006

never get *that* with windows…..lol

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14. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

Hrmm.. interesting. Thanks!

15. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

Of course the above supposition loses its significance if in a family, each member has his own personal PC.

16. James Porter - October 5, 2010

The problem with many of the MythTV guides outthere is that they overwhelm you with information, it is very hard to find a good guide. I personally use this following guide every time I have to intall Mythbuntu:


it is simple and straight to the point.

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