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Using flickrfs on Ubuntu November 8, 2005

Posted by Carthik in applications, guides, ubuntu.

I had written to tell you about the newly announced Flickrfs for Linux. Well, it is time for me to tell you how to install it on Ubuntu Linux.

If you haven’t installed FUSE and the associated utils and python bindings, it is time to do so. FUSE packages exist in the Breezy Universe repository, so proceed only if you are using Breezy, and enable Universe before doing the rest, if you haven’t already started using all the goodies that are present in the Universe component of the repository.

So, like I said, install FUSE and the python bindings for FUSE:
$sudo apt-get install fuse-utils libfuse2 python-fuse

Now you are ready to start using the flickrfs tool:

Create a temporary directory for the code that we will be checking out:
$mkdir ~/software/
(I have a “software” directory in my home directory for all adds-and-ends software, which I also use as a temporary download/install placeholder – this is a “good thing” to do ­čÖé )

Install flickrfs:

Download the latest version of flickrfs, to your ~/software directory, or just about any directory you want it to be be in.

Untar it by doing a
$tar -xzvf flickrfs-1.1.9.tar.gz

$cd flickrfsv1.1.9 (or the name of the directory that was created when you un-tarred the file

The flickrsfs.py file has an “API key” and a “shared secret” in it that is provided by the developer. So you don’t have to edit the file to add these two details. However, it might serve to add in your key and secret instead of the defaults. You can do this by editing the appropriate lines in the file (Search for “flickrAPIKey” in the file – you will see some “xxxx…xx” where your key needs to be.)

Now create a directory for your flickr files:
$sudo cd ~/flickrfs
Create the directory in your “home” folder, as this would avoid the need to be root to use the tool easily.

Execute the flickrfs.py script, with the flickrfs dir you just created as a parameter:
$sudo ~/software/flickrfsv1.1.9/flickrfs.py ~/flickrfs &
(my flickrfs files were in ~/software/flickrfsv1.1.9 change the path if you have to, depending on where your files are at)

That’s it, now you can go to ~/flickrfs and start having fun!

To go to your flickrfs directory:
#cd ~/flickrfs

More help regarding how to use Flickrfs is at the flickrfs homepage, and at the post announcing flickrfs.

You might want to try this thing out. There are some issues that need to be sorted out, but it is very good for fast upload of pictures, and to occasionally get some public flickr photos.

Updated: January 23, 2006, 13:35hrs.


1. Shot - November 8, 2005

(Do tell me when my nitpicking comments cross the line, please.)

ÔÇťInstall the python bindings for FUSE from the cvs.ÔÇ? ÔÇô why this way, and not simply through the python-fuse package?

Also, if python-fuse works, installing libfuse-dev might not be necessary.

2. ubuntonista - November 8, 2005


I thought that since the flickrfs page linked to a fuse wiki page that asked me to install the python bindings from cvs, there was no package with the bindings. But is python-fuse is the right package, then it’s really cool to install it that way.

Thanks a lot, again, and please don’t ever think that your comments are unwelcome, they most certainly are – anything that improves the articles and makes things simpler, or helps me and others understand things is more than welcome ­čÖé

Thanks again!

3. ubuntonista - November 8, 2005

I updated the article to use the package instead of the cvs code. Thanks, Shot.

4. Manish Rai Jain - November 9, 2005

The latest version 1.1 no longer requires you to download the API Key and Shared Secret. Just confirm the path of your browser, and get going!

5. The_Decryptor - November 9, 2005

I found i could get it to run if i changed the ownership of /var/log to my current user account, probably not the best idea though.

6. The_Decryptor - November 9, 2005

Note to the above post, i could get it to run under my current, normal user account.

7. cliff - November 9, 2005

Just a general comment – this seems like a fairly wanton use of root priveleges and mount points off of the root filesystem, particularly (only?) if one is using flickrfs on a multi-user box. I’d recommend placing the mount point somewhere in your home directory (e.g., ~/flickr). Unfortunately, using sudo will still be necessary for actually mounting the filesystem. Does it seem odd to anyone that FUSE – a “user-space” file system tool – requires root priveleges to be used in any kind of useful way?

8. mariuss - November 9, 2005

With one minor change you can run flickrfs as a regular user. AFAIK the only reason you need root priviledges is to create the log file: /var/log/flickr

Edit the line creating the log, I named the log file flickr.log

9. ubuntonista - November 9, 2005


I updated the post to say that there is no need to edit the API key and shared secret fields.

Considering the comments of others above, perhaps we can move closer towards making this a user tool, as opposed to one that requires root privileges to mount the directories in question?

10. ubuntonista - November 9, 2005

Cliff, I noted the same point you make in the article – I agree with you.

11. Manish Rai Jain - November 9, 2005

@marrius, @cliff, @The-Decryptor – Will soon allow mounting and access through normal user. Do keep a check on flickrfs mailing list.

@all – Please do subscribe to the mailing list to keep track of the latest updates abt flickrfs: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/flickrfs-users

12. Bob - November 22, 2005

Bob test.

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15. elaks - July 22, 2008

python flickrfs.py /mnt/flickr
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “flickrfs.py”, line 27, in
import fuse
ImportError: No module named fuse

16. alperen - January 9, 2009


17. porno siki┼č - September 27, 2010

Note to the above post, i could get it to run under my current, normal user account.

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