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Free Ubuntu Laptop @ Austin, TX November 8, 2005

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu.

Rob wants to give away his old laptop with Ubuntu installed on it for free. So if you are in Austin, TX, and want a free laptop, though it is old, go pick it up!

Seriously! I’m giving away this laptop just because we have no use for it; maybe it can be of service to someone here on the forums. My first experience with Ubuntu was in trying to install it on this old Compaq Armada 4210T. The CD-drive isn’t bootable but thanks to the forums here, I learned about Smart Boot Manager and was able to install. It took all night, but it worked great.


1. Patrick - November 8, 2005

just started learning linux with my little brother a few weeks ago and we are loving ubuntu, to bad we are 2 hours away. this being portable would be something sweet and insanly awesome no matter how old because i could bring it with me and expose my family and friends with it, and play around with my lil bro. would love to get my hands on that but its to bad i live in ohio.

2. ubuntonista - November 9, 2005

Ohio is quite a ways from Austin. I feel sorry for you too.

3. brentroos - November 9, 2005

I will pay for you to ship it to Peoria, IL, if you like. I would love to have a free laptop. If you are wanting to consider this, I will check back, and perhaps we can IM with encryption through GAIM and I will get your address. I’m serious. I will send you the shipping/money to ship it to me.

PS. great blog. I have just been invited today, by WordPress to host a wordpress blog, so I am so stoked to be on!

P.S.S. I also have used Ubuntu with a Windows XP dual boot. This way I get the best of both worlds, although I use Ubuntu about 90% of the time.

Hope to hear from ya,

Brent Roos

4. ubuntonista - November 9, 2005


Please respond to the forum ad. It isn’t my laptop. I was just pointing people at the ad.

5. brentroos - November 10, 2005

sorry, I didn’t read it correctly, my bad.

6. Rob L. - November 10, 2005

Thanks again for posting this, Ubuntonista — the machine was spoken for by late yesterday. I forgot to ask him if he found me the offer on the forms himself or if he came through you, but either way, I’m grateful for your help!

7. tomy - November 18, 2005

i came accros your address and i am really interested in geting it.
So i will want you to pls email me if it is still available. And
also tell me its present condition. Also send me the pics if it is
available and give me your last price.
Also i will want you to know that my mode of payment is with a
certified CAHSIERS CHEQUE which i believe is the best way of
payment. If you are ok with that you can get back to me so that we
can conclude on payment.
Thanks Reply,
mr tomy….

8. Nguyen Thanh Hien - November 30, 2005

I Want a Free laptop. thank!

9. prince boateng - December 14, 2005

plzzz any one there to help me get a laptop for myself

10. sumadi - December 19, 2005

please help me, a poor man who want to be a leader…..
i need a free laptop to my study…………..

11. sumadi - December 19, 2005

please… i need a laptop to complete mu study..

12. Goodguy - December 23, 2005

There are a number of referral based sites like Notebooks4Free ( http://tinyurl.com/3zwjh ) and Laptops.FreePay ( http://tinyurl.com/7vb4x ) that offer decent models as incentives for people who bring friends to try trials and offers from companies like Blockbuster or AOL.

It’s not an overnight thing though. It can take a month or so to find enough people to earn that reward. If you live in the USA, and are broke, or short of funds (like a student), it may be worth considering.

If not, then try thrift shops, or dumpster dive behind the local Best Buy. 😉

13. sovannarith hy - December 23, 2005

I need the free laptop, who can tell me where and how to get free laptops as i live in South-East Asia. Mostly laptops giveaways is always sate in US or other but not in South East Asia, So if somebody know about it please email me.

Thanks in advance.

14. Shahin - January 1, 2006

please give me it.
i’m a poor student and i learn computer but i haven’t computer.

15. hossein ghasedi - January 1, 2006

I need a laptop and Ido not have money.please send me a laptop.

16. hossein ghasedi - January 1, 2006

I need a laptopand Ido not have money.Please send me a laptop.

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