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Flickrfs – Browse/Edit Flickr Locally! November 7, 2005

Posted by Carthik in applications, ubuntu.

Wow! This one’s a killer – Announcing Flickrfs

Using FUSE, this prject enables you to browse flickr tags and photos on your hard drive. It allows you to upload your pictures to Flickr by just creating a directory and copying your photos there. What’s even better is that since the filesystem is virtual, the files do not consume space on your harddrive unless you want them to, in which case you copy the files to a different location from the virtual filesystem.

Too cool for words, really. I cannot wait to try this out as a better way to download desktop wallpapers, and to upload all my flickr pictures. I will write you a detailed note describing my adventures when I am done, I promise!


1. Manish Rai Jain - November 7, 2005

Great that you liked it! I am really looking fwd to getting feedback from you.

2. zhaol - November 8, 2005

waiting for your next message. 🙂

3. Pascal Klein - November 8, 2005

What a lovely idea. Although I cannot see myself using Flock, simply because I am am not a user of Flickr or the other portals and web modules which Flock has specific features for, I can see it becoming a very popular browser. Whereas some people are happy with w3m, lynx or Opera, Epiphany, Firefox or Konqueror, Flock has a specific driving force – definitely having found it’s place, which is just great.

I’ve also seen a fair share of criticism regarding Flock, but a browser like Firefox had the same at the beginning, before it turned into a rock solid app. Nothing sprouts a foot into the air overnight, so given time, I look forward to seeing more of Flock, and seeing it’s various new features, like the handy one mentioned above.

Nice work guys. Kudos.
Pascal Klein

4. Donncha - November 8, 2005

Pascal – this is a Linux kernel thing and has nothing to do with Flock 😛

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7. Pascal Klein - November 9, 2005

Oh, mix up. 😛

8. nickhuang - November 25, 2005

Well done!

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10. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

Oh, mix up.

11. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

Pascal – this is a Linux kernel thing and has nothing to do with Flock

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