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Official Promo Stuff, CD Covers – DIY Marketing October 27, 2005

Posted by Carthik in ubuntu.

If you cannot wait to get the latest Breezy CDs, and want to make your own Ubuntu CDs, or if you want to display your love for Ubuntu in a public manner using posters, look no further than the Do-it-yourself Marketing page on the wiki. That is the one place to get Ubuntu CD cover sources, CD labels and posters. All official, all the time.


1. Billi - October 27, 2005


2. Craig - October 27, 2005

Thats so cool. Now I can decorate myself with Ubuntu paraphenalia! Woo.
I can be a walking advertisment.

3. women - November 14, 2005

cool 🙂

4. porno sikiş - September 27, 2010

Ah! adduser — the debian way!! Sorry I overlooked that one. To be honest it did not cross my mind at all!

5. sex sikiş - September 28, 2010

Oh man, talk about good timing. I’m back home in Toronto, and I’m using my desktop once again which has Ubuntu Linux installed. I have a μC++ assignment due on Monday, so I’ll be programming all weekend.

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