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Limewire Client for Ubuntu September 16, 2005

Posted by Carthik in ubuntu.

There are a lot of repeated questions all asking for a Limewire client for ubuntu at the ubuntu-users mailing lists.

The answer, invariably, is that you should be using gtk-gnutella, which allows you to share files on the limewire, morpheus and a few other networks. You can install it using:
$sudo apt-get install gtk-gnutella

You may have to enable apt to use the Universe component of the Ubuntu repository to get the package.


1. dandyna - September 17, 2005

your into the contest!

2. julio garcia - December 6, 2005

I am please to have limewire on ubuntu.

3. julio garcia - December 6, 2005

thank you for let me having limewire. wher is my music?

4. Chris - January 24, 2006

For those of you interested you can have a look at the following guide to install LimeWire on Ubuntu: http://easylinux.info/wiki/Ubuntu#How_to_install_P2P_Gnutella_Client_.28LimeWire.29

5. brandon - March 1, 2006

i got a error message that said sudo apt-get install gtk-gnutella
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree… Done
E: Couldn’t find package gtk-gnutella

(plz email me with help at gville892005@yahoo.com)

6. Chanchao - April 2, 2006

You need to enable some more software repositories.

As standard, Ubuntu only enables the ‘main’ repository of applications that are completely supported. However there’s also ‘universe’ and ‘multiverse’ repositories where a lot of the cool stuff (and in some cases: essential stuff) resides. For example if you want to actually play some mp3s or DVD video then you need stuff from the other repositories, too.

Adding repositories: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AddingRepositoriesHowto

Restrictedformats-hell:: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats

7. David - May 19, 2006

having problems….. download the file.. then i get to something like winzip.. to unzip it

what do i do then? Im so lost.. extract to tmp file?

then…… where is the terminal?

man i guess i just am not a linux person??

linspire was easier though i just typed in limewire/sh or soemthing and presto.

8. Luis - May 20, 2006

Open a terminal in Applications -> Accesories -> Terminal, is a thing that looks like the Windows System Symbol.
With the ‘cd’ command move to the directory where you downloaded the .zip file.
Then type: “unzip ‘name of file’.zip ” (this is the winzip-like thing that you need). To see the content of the directory type ‘ls’.
Now, follow the instructions of the limewire post.

9. ShAdEd_PaSt - May 22, 2006

thnx man

10. scott - May 29, 2006

Hey chris!

After using the directions at: http://easylinux.info/wiki/Ubuntu#How_to_install_P2P_Gnutella_Client_.28LimeWire.29

The install of limewire seemed to go fine EXCEPT…

After refreshing the panel, Limewire NEVER shows up in the, Applications>internet menu!

What gives?!

11. scott - May 29, 2006


One more thing! Stupid me!

Do I have to go into the limewire folder to execute commands for installing limewire?

I was just doing it as $root@shop scott

12. vincent - July 24, 2006

if using ubuntu, open synaptic packet manager, enable universe and multiverse, then search for gtk gnutella.
it is in there, then just mark it for installation, when i did this tho, it didn’t show up in the menu so i had to add a custom application launcher to the panel, as it didn’t even show up in the menu editor.
to do this, right clik the panel, select add to panel, then custopm application laucher, the command for the launcher is gtk-gnutella, type that into the command line of the new launcher, then apply the change and the gtk gnu icon should be on the panel.
personally tho, i thought it had problems, considering how easy limewire is to use, so i’m looking into that now, i uninstalled gtk

13. Suresh - August 3, 2006

Hi friends,
How do I install .exe file from a CD in Ubuntu
Many thanks in advance

14. Cameron - August 16, 2006

i followed all the directions in http://easylinux.info/wiki/Ubuntu#How_to_install_P2P_Gnutella_Client_.28Lim , and LimeWire shows up in my Applications->Internet menu, but when i click on it, nothing happens. I double-checked all my steps, but it still doesnt work. I’ve already enabled the universe and multiverse repositories and even installed java just in case. any suggestions?

ps. when i was following the directions on the site the first time, i skipped the “refresh gnome panel” step and clicked on “Limewire” in my applications menu before refeshing. would that make a difference?

15. windows geek - September 6, 2006

hello linux geeks

16. linux king - October 10, 2006

hello windows git.

17. Edson - October 12, 2006

Hey cameron i have the same problem that u do!!
i ve installed followin all the steps that is on ubuntu website.
The limewire icon shows up in my panel but when i click on it nothing happens.
Could anyone help me!
ps. i have already installed gtk-gnutella but i still have the problem.

18. oki - October 24, 2006

same here, limewire is there in the app. but I click it and nothing.
help please!

19. oki - October 24, 2006

oh, I figured it out, you need to install all java app. as well.

20. Latonya Brown - October 24, 2006

i would like to know if you can send me directions on how to download my music onto a cd using limewire

Thank You!!

21. Sriram Murali - October 28, 2006

why gnutella when there is Limewire for *nix.. any specific reasons related to program performance ??

22. carrie baker - November 22, 2006

wow y’all really dont know how to fend for yaselves 😛 j/k j/k.

23. Senken - November 28, 2006

Woo! It worked
Thanks 😀

24. t102im - December 7, 2006

how can i install yahoo messanger in ubuntu 6.06

25. hamza - December 11, 2006

please check out this alternative to file-sharing…be wary of the RIAA crackdown!

26. degenerateleftist - December 17, 2006

is the adware free version of limewire that works well on linux. also, it’s blue instead of green, and who doesn’t like that?

27. Nomad - December 23, 2006

Hey guys, im a n00b at Ubuntu and I’ve recently changed from XP-Pro to this. Ive been following the steps word for word but I cant figure out how to install the Java Apps. oki is talking about. If you guys could help that’d be great.

28. vitalstatistix - March 7, 2007

Yeah……..installed limewire finally. OK here’s the low down

1) Go to Synaptic and install Sun Java 5.0 Runtime if you already haven’t done that (you might install the plugins too as they’ll come in handy while browsing).

2) Download the latest version of limewire in “.rpm” format into your home folder.

3) OK fire up a terminal and run “sudo alien -c LimeWireLinux.rpm”. In case you dont have alien just run “sudo apt-get install alien”.

4) Now run “sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash” and select “No” when prompted to install dash.

5) Great we’re almost done……..just go to your home folder, find a “.deb” file containing limewire like “limewire-free_4.12.11-1_i386.deb” and just double click> Install Package.

6) Go to Applications>Internet>LimeWire………….and voila you’ve got it running!

29. reldor - April 4, 2007

i had some weird syntax error in the /usr/lib/LimeWire/runLime.sh file

i simply changed the name from runLime.sh to runLime.bash
type this in a terminal:
“cd /usr/lib/LimeWire”
“mv runLime.sh runLime.bash
“gedit /usr/bin/limewire”
put this into this script:
exec /usr/lib/LimeWire/runLime.bash

yeah and then it worked, maybe it’s because
ubuntu uses dash as sh but it was a bash script?

30. s4t4nz - April 25, 2007

Follow this link:

for me it works great ^^

PS: You have to change the “#!bin/sh” (in /opt/LimeWire/runLime.sh) to “#!bin/bash”

You have also j2re installed

Enjoy ^^

31. wil - May 18, 2007

i can download music fine of limewire, but i can’t seem to play the music…. when i open up rhythmbox, it doesn’t play and says “Playback Error- You do not have a decoder installed to handle this file. You might need to install the necessary plugins.” help???

32. Bobgster - May 24, 2007

HEllo guys,

i just installed ubuntu and need some help with the universe enable.How can i enable my universe???? thanks 🙂

33. carthik - May 24, 2007


If you installed Feisty Fawn, the latest version, then universe is already enabled.

34. Lil Kid - May 31, 2007

hi wil! i see that nobody answered u since may 24th!! (baaad)!

well its simple : rhythmbox doesnt read mp3 files so you have to download and mp3 player like XMMS Player on the Adding Programs thingy (really works pretty good)

35. Lil Kid - June 1, 2007

http://easylinux.info/wiki/Ubuntu#How_to_install_P2P_Gnutella_Client_.28LimeWire.29 site doesnt work anymore
new updating or sum like that
hackers…. who can it really be….?

36. Charlot - June 18, 2007

if you are getting a blank screen when running the application just disable desktop effects. it worked for me. system > Preferences > desktop effects.

37. Playedoutpimp - August 4, 2007

blank screen when running the application just disable desktop effects
Thanks Charlot!

Kde limewire works good but just a blank Apps box in Gnome.
Thanks agian

38. Kirby - August 15, 2007

Bad News:
Hey, if you are getting a blank screen when starting the actual Limewire, and you’re using Beryl, like I am, then just right-click your beryl thingie and select your Gnome or Compiz window manager. I found all my window contents were suddenly displayed.

Good News:
Although you don’t seem to be able to use Limewire in Beryl, you can switch back to beryl after you get your window contents displayed, and you can continue to work with your neat-o 3d desktop and the window contents remain displayed until you restart Limewire! (Worked for me, anyway. Hope it does for you too.)

39. Kirby - August 15, 2007

P.S.: I’m using Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty with a Radeon x1600 Pro and Beryl. Installed Limewire Pro from the Limewire website, with the package installer that automatically opens it from Firefox. Installation was easy and Java 5 installed automatically (after confirming in the terminal box below the install when it paused).

After restoring the Beryl window manager, you may have to restore the Limewire window from your taskbar on the bottom, and if you try to open another window, such as your options, with Beryl, then you’ll have to do the whole window manager thing again. It’s good to get all the preferences set up first, and then switch back to Beryl.

40. Monir - September 27, 2007

I’m looking for yahoo messenger for Ubuntu…

41. daniel - September 30, 2007

how do i download movies from limewire to an iPod classic?

42. Eman - December 11, 2007

Um i can limewire up and running its just that when i search for anything it cant find it the connection bar in the bottom left is at 1 bar. I have great internet connection. Is there a firewall or something?

43. kealan - March 25, 2008

gtk-gnutella SUCKS!!

Limewire on Ubuntu is so much easier to use.

44. Czar - July 4, 2008

Limewire is the greatest file sharing program I’ve ever encountered in my life as an internet user. For sure, ubuntu users will miss 2/3 of their “internet life” if they won’t be able to use the limewire application on the said operating system.

45. Ntwrx - October 2, 2008

Limewire is available for Ubuntu Free of cost
check http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Communications/Filesharing/LimeWire-247.shtml
(softpedia.com) for a .DEBS file for Ubuntu

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49. FredderiK - November 8, 2008
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