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Ubuntu Bug Day – Sep. 17 September 15, 2005

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu.

September 17th is Ubuntu Bug Day. Help out!!

I reproduce the announcement below:

Ubuntu Bug Day – Saturday 17th September – #ubuntu-bugs on irc.freenode.net

These were desperate times for the Badger colony, facing thousand of bugs and
critters all around it. But suddenly they came from the North, South, East
and West. Freedom lovers of all kinds, some veterans with many years under
their belt, some newbies, low on experience but with energy and very eager to
learn. They were all united in this one single day to help Badger become the
best it can be for its official coming into the free world in October.

So if you want to join them, please come by the next Ubuntu Bug Day this
coming Saturday, the 17th of September, in all timezones. This is a great
chance to help out, whether you’re a developer or a user. We need all the
people who can help, whether you’re a bug filer, a bug fixer, or you just
want to help keep Bugzilla and Malone tidy. Please visit the channel
#ubuntu-bugs on freenode IRC for more information and to meet with other
participants. We hope to see you all on Saturday.


(Many thanks to Daniel Robitaille for the writing of this announcement)

Andrew Mitchell


1. leo - September 17, 2005

My 3 button mouse doesn’t work on Ubuntu 5.04.
I don’t know how fix it.

I tried to use xorg.conf but I can’t modify it, and I didn’t known how to modify it to make my mouse work.
I can use Ubuntu but not the mouse. I like Ubuntu so I would like to use it with mouse.
I’d appreciate your help.


2. ubuntonista - September 18, 2005

There is little I can do to help, especially with the details you have provided. It is not my goal to support ubuntu users through this blog. Please use the forums or the mailing list.

3. seks izle - September 29, 2010

I tried to use xorg.conf but I can’t modify it, and I didn’t known how to modify it to make my mouse work.

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