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Dapper Drake is Breezy+1 September 14, 2005

Posted by Carthik in news, ubuntu.

Mark Shuttleworth has just let it be known that the next version of Ubuntu, after the upcoming Breezy will be known as the “Dapper Drake“. That will be version 6.04, hopefully. If you hadn’t noticed the version numbers are always Y.MM (Year.Month), so 6.04 should be out in April 2006. The community members might refer to the next version after Breezy by saying “Breezy+1”. So yes,

Breezy+1 = Dapper!!

Warty the Warthog
Hoary the Hedgehog
Breezy the Badger
and now
Dapper the Drake

So do I see you wondering what a “drake” is? It is a male duck. Here’s some pictures

Mark seems to want to add more polish and make this the release to watch out for – the end of two years of work on the part of Ubuntu developers and Canonical. I am sure it will be a compelling alternative choice for users when Vista comes out.


1. tab gilbert - September 14, 2005


just saw your link on the mailing list. nice job! hope you keep it up.


2. name required - September 14, 2005

A quick search at google images reveals:

3. ubuntonista - September 14, 2005

Thanks Gilbert.

Also, I added a link to a flickr page with photos, just in case!

4. linkunderscore - September 16, 2005

I just saw this on the ubuntu forums. I think the name is retarded. It makes it seem like “Mandrake.” There isn’t much marketing involved when creating a name for obvious reasons, but you would think that they might consider naming it “Drake” anything would be a bad idea. Ubuntu > Mandrake….don’t create a name that seems like they are similar.

I think it should be revised.

5. Andy - September 20, 2005

Yeah I agree. Dapper drake sounds retarded. BTW isn’t there a Drake Fly too? and here in India Duck are called “Bathak” in Hindi.. you would’nt want that to happen to Ubuntu do ya ?

6. Drake - February 3, 2006

You guys sound more retarded than the name. Who care how they call it. I assume that the more important is the delivry of a nice version of the OS

7. seks izle - September 29, 2010

just saw your link on the mailing list. nice job! hope you keep it up.

8. Alanna - September 27, 2014

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