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Apropos – Find the Application You Need September 10, 2005

Posted by Carthik in commands, ubuntu.

Many a time you know what you want to do, and you remember installing a program that enables you to do it, but you can’t remember the name of the damn application, or the command that gets it started, right?

Well then, Apropos is for you!
to get a list of applications with the
in the short description in their man page. Try
$apropos ftp
for starters, so you get a clue.


1. Ralph - September 11, 2005

nice applications, thanks for mention it

2. ubuntu - September 11, 2005

You are welcome, Ralph.

Neat blog you got there 😉

3. xChiquete - June 18, 2006

Apropos is an alias of ‘man -k ‘. Thanks.

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microsecond leap.flog swings …

5. seks izle - September 29, 2010

nice applications, thanks for mention it

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